How to Start a Transport Shuttle Business

The shuttle business is very dynamic and has many formats. You can have bus shuttles, train shuttle, minicab shuttle, boat shuttle, private cab and taxi cab shuttle.
The core business of a shuttle company is transporting passengers from airport hubs to pre-determined locations. The business owner provides a vehicle to transportation the passenger from and too the airports.
The business is lucrative and offers essential service to commuters. The reasons for customer patronage include a reliable, fast, safe and efficient method of transportation.
Other reasons include avoidance of parking fees and driving inconveniences. The service is pre-booked or chattered at the airport.
To run a shuttle business you need an office location, vehicles and drivers. There are two ways to run an airport shuttle business.
One way is to register your vehicle with the airport or register as an independent service provider. The shuttle company can provide services on pick up bases or personal chatter.
Get Organized
There are a few licenses and association membership required. The permits are different from country to country.
 You need to register a business name and commercial insurance. Airport shuttle providers are required to register their services with airport regulators on commercial transport within the airport.
You need to find out all requirements and local government permits before you operate Get more information from your state department of transport on permits including state tax laws. 
There are very strong associations and unions in the transport business. Therefore, you need to join the ones under the umbrella you want to operate.
Area of Operation
To operate a successful shuttle business you need to service a region or airport. Some states have both local domestic airport and international travel airports.
Choose either the local or international port as your area of operation. When analyzing your area of operation make sure it is within two hour drive from your base.
Study regional transportation networks, operators, shuttle services and type of vehicles competitors use.
Establishing the Business
Once you have secure your permits, registered your business and secure appropriate licensing. Buy your vehicles and determine your area of operation.
You need to provide reliable shuttle service that is prompt, affordable and efficient. Make a note of airports within your jurisdiction, destinations and distances.
You need to open an office with adequate parking. Use all available information to create an operational framework for your business. You need well trained drivers, receptionist and office staff.
Business Framework
Your business needs lots of commuters to make profit. Encourage repeat customers through customer service, networking and satisfied clients. Organize tour packages and effective management structures.
Your vehicles should be well maintained and presentable. Offer competitive and affordable prices similar to the ones obtainable in the business.
Apart from airport shuttle you can provide other services such as paid tours and domestic shuttle. Buy or lease your vehicles according to your business needs.
Obtain many shuttle vehicles to cover multiple routes in your operational area.
Train your Drivers
Your drivers need to be cautious, skilled and patient. Hire only qualified and experienced drives to drive your vehicles.
They show carry current driving license and other permits. You can operate a bus shuttle, minivan or car shuttle business.
How to Market your Shuttle Business
Transport shuttle business is very competitive and there are many companies offering shuttle services. Create a good business name and brand your vehicle.
You can Network with hotels, tourist resorts and travel agencies in your area. Promote your enterprise through national and local newspapers including popular travel magazines. Distribute your business cards to airport porters and staff.
Transport shuttle business requires huge capital investment. Cars and buses don’t come cheap and you need office space to run your business.
Secure adequate funding, marketing and management team to position your company for success.
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