How to Start Your Own Cosmetic Business

The cosmetics and makeup industry is vast and moderately challenging. There are many big companies and small entrepreneurs selling cosmetic worldwide.
Cosmetic business is highly profitable for industry manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Product composition, experimentation, testing, certification, branding and sales are part of the business.
You need business skills, and knowledge of cosmetic formulations to start your enterprise.  The beauty industry is massive so adequate planning is essential to your success.
Makeup is important to today’s woman because it accentuates her natural features, mystery and allure. It also develops self confidence and glamour.
As an entrepreneur interested in cosmetics you need to understand the production process, formulation and business side of the industry
Here are a few ideas on how to start your own cosmetic line
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Learn about Cosmetics
It is very essential to learn about the business of cosmetics. Understand the diverse range of products functions and applications.
It is essential to learn the chemistry behind the formulation, elements used in composing the product and side effect.  Although cosmetics primary function is to improve on specific areas of the body it also helps remedy skin problems.
To improve your knowledge of cosmetics enroll in an institute of cosmetology and get a diploma. Some trade institutes offer arts and craft training including cosmetology.
The formulation of cosmetics has to do with chemistry so getting a background in the science will be beneficial. Different ingredients go into the composition of beauty products learning the ingredients are essential.
Green alternative ingredients are fast becoming popular study the new methods and develop your own formula. You can gain knowledge through apprentice programs or through books.
Another good way to increase knowledge is through online courses and free resources.

Why gain all this knowledge without trying out formulas. There are three ways to develop your own formula do- it- yourself, hire an expert or outsource.
Assemble the ingredients you need and experiment. Do trials with friends and family to gain more information and insight.
 Alternately secure a franchise deal from an established brand or simply establish a wholesale or retail outfit. If you want to build your own cosmetic line you need to develop the product, test and apply for certification.
There are many agencies such as food and drug regulatory agencies that carry out such certification. Find the one applicable to your country follow the rules and apply.
The Cosmetic Range
The cosmetic industry is vast and covers different products, applications and functions. It covers healthcare products, hair care products, makeup, skin care deodorants and dental care products.
To create your cosmetic line you essentially have to narrow to a niche. Concentrating on a niche provides a clear picture of your business template.
Specializing and building a reputable brand name is better than operating in a wide field. You can specialize in shampoos, lipsticks, hairspray, creams or Eye-shadow.
Focus on one line and build a reputation before developing other lines of cosmetics.
How to Setup Your Cosmetic Line
There are a few things to consider before setting up your cosmetic line.  You need to select a brand name, leasing a premises or home based including funding. Others include promotion, distribution and sales of your products.
Choose a Name
The business name defines your brand and business identity. It also encompasses the perception of your products quality and popularity.
 The company name is different from the product name. Many companies link them on products label to create an identity.
You can start your cosmetic line from a leased property or from home.  You need a functional laboratory to mix your ingredients. Other important aspects are equipment used in producing the cosmetics, containers, packaging and labels.
It is mandatory to get certification and licensing from government agencies before selling your cosmetics. You also need a good storage facility, transport, shipping and handling protocols.
Concentrate your funding to product development, certification, manufacturing and promotions.
Registration and Certification
To safeguard your cosmetic product you need to acquire a patent. Other things include trademarks, insurance cover and meeting safety standards prescribed for such products.
Fund your enterprise through bank loans or through investors. You can also build up resources through target savings in a commercial bank.
Selling a new product is very tough because established brands have invested millions into marketing. The sky is big enough for everyone so develop an effective marketing strategy.
You can network with beauty parlors and salons in your demography. Organize beauty shows focused on your brand.
Introduce your products to university students and the working class. Create hype around your products and services.
Use advertisements on electronic and print media. Showcase your products on strategically placed billboards and use recognizable faces to push your brand.
Open your own dealership and network with wholesalers/retailers.
Opening a Beauty Salon
        A list of cosmetic products you can produce
1                    Lipsticks contain wax, pigments and oils
2                    Lip gloss
3                     Lip liner
4                     Lip plumper
5                     Lip balm
6                     Lip primer
7                     Lip booster
8                    Concealer
9                    Foundation comes in liquid or powder
1          Eye powder
1                   Blemish balm cream
1                   Blusher used to emphasize cheek bones
1         Contour powders
1                   Highlight
1                   Mascara
1                  Eyelash curler
1                  Eyelash adhesive
1          Extension eyelashes
1                  Eyebrow pencil
2                  Eyebrow wax
2                  Eyebrow Gel
2                  Eye Shadows
2         Eyebrow powder
2                  Nail Polish
2                  Makeup Sprays
2         Setting Powder
2         Makeup Remover


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