Maternity Cloths Business Ideas: How to Start a Maternity Store Business

Beautiful Maternity cloths have become trending with top designers creating amazing outfits. The long drab Victorian style outfits are long gone. Corporate women and celebrates have contributed to the increased interest in maternity cloths.
Millions of maternity cloths are sold yearly grossing several billion dollars worldwide.  An entrepreneur interested in designing or selling maternity cloths has a huge market to sell the wears.
There are two ways to enter the industry and make some money. The first way is to go into retail or wholesale by buying ready-made maternity cloths.
An entrepreneur with creative skills can design and sew his own maternity gowns. Designing, manufacturing and selling the profit is more profitable than buying and selling. The reason is because you can brand your outfits with lots of profit making potential.
Startup cost for a small operation costs $2,000-$10,000. You can operate the business from home or a shop environment. Other advantages are part time and full time application including franchising opportunities.
Make your maternity store more dynamic by offering other products such as maternity books, cushions, and baby items. Stock your store with different sizes of maternity cloths to accommodate the fast changing size of the pregnant mother.
Things to consider in the maternity cloths business are ready to wear outfits and cut and sew. Here are a few ideas on how to start your maternity cloths business.
How to Start a Maternity Store
Starting a store requires lots of planning, funding and knowledge of the maternity market. The planning involves setting up the store, inventory, location and staff.
Other things to think about are registering your business name, trading license and tax. Register you business either as a one man business or limited liability company and select a nice business name.
You can run the business on your own or hire staff. A standard store has two sales girls, cleaner, cashier and security guard.
To balance the books use an accounting firm or do the books yourself. Other things you might need are a bus and a driver. If you want to produce the cloths you need a workshop space, tailors and a designer.
If you decide to sew your own maternity cloths you need adequate funds for the equipment, staffing marketing and property leasing. The bigger your store the more money you need to run the operation.
Source funds from micro finance banks, join cooperative societies that offer their members soft loans. Try target savings or reach out to a core investor.
A partnership arrangement also works or seeks funds from family and friends for support.
The location for your enterprise is very important for it to prosper. Since your customer base is in residential areas locate the store in your neighborhood. 
A neighborhood with lots of newly married young couples is ideal.  Other locations are within a popular shopping mall. Design your store for easy accessibility by providing wide aisles for easy navigation.
If you are buying and selling maternity gowns the major equipment are the display shelves or hangers. Making maternity cloths require sewing machines, fabrics, threads and patterns. Other equipment needed to sew the gowns is scissors, needles and designs templates. 
Types of Maternity Cloths
There are different types of maternity cloths you can offer your customers. You can design business attire maternity cloths for working mothers in the corporate world.
Cloths suitable for different occasions like weddings, black tie events or even seminar/symposiums. More than ever pregnant women are more active and hands-on than in the past.
Other cloths to offer are maternity blouses, maternity pants, slacks, and jeans. Others to consider are maternity tee-shirts, maternity skirts and maternity gowns.
Make sure your outfits are trendy, contemporary and beautiful. The price should be affordable because during pregnancy women have a lot of inventory to purchase apart from your outfits.
Add other items such as baby cloths, toys like rattles, bibs, hats, nice bags and other stylish fashion in a designated section of the store.
Build a Website
Building a website for your business is very important because it will increase your sales exponentially. A website offers 24 hours sales outlet to your immediate demography and the world.
Make sure your site is easy to navigate with lots of useful information. Highlight the cloths and designs in your store including description and sizes.
Add a shopping cart for online payments such as PayPal and debit/credit cards. Integrate an effective shipment method to reach paying customers.
The demands for maternity cloths are high and the business runs throughout the year. This is because women carry their pregnancy for nine months and deliver throughout the year.
You need to advertise your new business to attract customers interesting in your cloths. Use lots of discounts, free promotions and bundle sales to attract buyers.
Create a nice play area for kids to have fun in a lovely and safe environment. If you create a play area you need security to watch over the kids while the mothers shop.
If you have enough money designs a line of maternity cloths and brand. A good outlet for your cloths is departmental stores and cloths retailers.
Make sure both the outside and inside of your boutique is beautiful and inviting. 
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