Pet Sitting Business Ideas: How to Start a Pet Sitting Business

This startup guide focuses on Pet sitting Business. The job of a pet sitter is to care for animals in the absence of the owners.
The amount of effort and financial reward depends on many factors. Some are the duration of the sitting contract, type of animal and labor costs. Although pet sitting isn’t seasonal there are top periods when sitters make lots of money.
Favorite season for the pet sitters are during holidays, celebrations and summer vacations. And owners who tend to leave their pets for longer periods.
Other functions of a pet sitter are grooming, feeding and veterinary services. Other services are feces management and litter changing.
The sitters provide exercise and recreational activities for pets. Common pets handled by sitters are dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and amphibians.
The business is not proliferated so there is lots of room for new entrepreneurs. Among add on services a common practice is dog walking.
Pet sitting is fast becoming a specialized enterprise opening the door for niche sectors like kennels and animal hotels. Many upward mobile individuals prefer hiring a qualified sitter to take care of their pet.
The average amount a pet sitter charges depends on the added services. Starting a pet sitting service is profitable, rewarding with low startup capital. Here are steps to get your pet sitting business up and running.
Write a Business Planning
Although the business does not require huge funds you still need to plan your business.  First define what services or animal care your business offers.
 Analyze your market base to have a clear picture of your customers. And study the market potential in your immediate community.
 Are there many pet sitting agencies in your locality? Remember too many cooks in a kitchen spoils the meal.
 You need to define what added benefits and services to provide. How about pricing, are your prices competitive enough to make profit.
Also develop good relationship with animal lovers in your community. Develop a powerful marketing campaign to reach potential clients.
You don’t have to break the bank to create an excellent marketing campaign. Build awareness, use proper pricing and network with associations, vets and animal shelters.
Develop a good backup plan for emergencies and create a practical work schedule. Don’t forget high quality equipment like kennels, dog chains, bowls, dog soap and brushes.
Pet owners are very particular about who they hand their beloved pets. Showcase your qualifications, image and credentials to build trust.
Business Name
A good business name immediately conveys what your company is about. Don’t over flog the name make it simple interesting and memorable. 
Every country has its own rules and regulations guiding animal care. Some countries have stringent rules while others have lax or non existing rules. Find out what is obtainable in your country or locality.
Generally small pet sitting jobs around your neighborhood requires no licensing to operate. Join trade associations in your area for advice and support. Some offer soft loans to members and legal representation.
Prepare a Service Contract
A service contract highlights the tasks you performed while pet sitting. The client needs to see proof of added value since animals can neither talk nor complain.
The paper work includes cost of service, types of service and hourly rates. To avoid undue disagreements collect payment upfront from new clients. You also need insurance cover on workplace accidents
How to Determine your Rates
There are a few factors to consider before arriving at a price. Uniformity in price does not work because the added services requirement of clients defer.
To arrive at a holistic price factor the type of animal, and danger level. A small Chihuahua is easier to handle than a Rottweiler or pet python.
Factor added services like healthcare, feeding and litter changing. Other things that add to pricing are duration of care, and number of animals.

Go Online
No business is complete without an online presence. Build a website as a marketing tool to reach more customers. The website offers visibility and a 24h marketing platform. Because your services are location based target your site to your community.
Use a good website developer to build an attractive site. Use the site to showcase your products and service including your mission statement and message.
Without optimizing your website your visibility will be low. You can add a blog to write quality content, and use search engine optimization methods.
Try advertisement using Google Adwords and Facebook adverts for a wider reach. Do you know you can even make money on your site through advertisement networks or advertisement placement?
Your clients
As a rule, try to meet your clients and the pet before taking the contract. Follow up with customers, seek feedback and hire help when needed. Look the part show competence and offer reasonable prices.

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