10 Profitable Low Cost Paper Manufacturing Business Ideas

There is a huge demand for paper related products making the business ventures very profitable.  Large and small investors can cash in on this growing industry.
Although regulated the industry provides lots of job opportunities and niche markets. The first step for any entrepreneur interested in the paper industry is to focus on a niche.
Once you have a niche then gain valuable knowledge to position your business towards profitability.  Most countries have seen a remarkable increase in demand for paper products despite economic challenges.
The paper industry is huge and has many sectors and sub sectors. Some businesses related to paper include paper napkins, paper towels, and face wipes.
Others are facial tissue, paper cups and many hygiene products. Some are more profitable than others due to less investment, higher demand and profitability.
We have put together 12 profitable low cost paper manufacturing business ideas.
1. Paper Cup Manufacturing Business
Disposable paper cups are trending and easy to make. The business venture is highly profitable and requires moderate funds.
Register your venture, get appropriate licensing and equipment. Write a business plan, feasibility sturdy and source your raw materials.
 Machinery needed in the production of paper cups include forming machine, cutting machines and packaging machines. Read more
2. Paper Bag Manufacturing Business
Paper Bags are fast taking over from nylon polythene bags. The bags come in different shapes, sizes and applications.
The bags are used to carry grocery, food items and products. The huge market includes supermarkets, shops, retailers and markets.
Raw material includes bond paper rolls and chemicals. Machines used to make paper bags are stereo press, bag cutting and roll slitter machine. Read More.
3. Tissue Paper Manufacturing
Tissue paper is used in homes, offices and industrial application. The machinery needed include jumbo reel machine and brand saw machine.
To start your enterprise write a business plan and secure bank loans. Tissue paper manufacturing business is lucrative and has a ready market.
Sell your tissue paper to hotels, restaurants, hostels and hospitals. Read the full article
4. Exercise Book Manufacturing Business
Exercise books are used daily to take notes and do assignments. The books attract a huge market that comprises private and public institutions.
Exercise book manufacture through four stages and you need a good marketing strategy. You can start exercise book production company small scale or large scale.
The financial implication depends on how much investment capital you have. To succeed you need very aggressive marketing and contracts.
Read more on how to start an Exercise Book Manufacturing Company
5. Envelop Making Business Ideas
Envelops are produced with different materials such as Kraft paper and Bond.  The sizes and colors differ according to the manufacturers specifications.
 To start the enterprise secure funds, buy equipment, lease a factory and hire skilled staff. Despite huge competition the business model accommodates small scale and large scale companies.
 Locate your business close to supply of raw materials and road network. Sell envelops to bookstores, stationary stores and government offices.
6. Paper Mill Business
The raw material for paper is wood pulp. The business is capital intensive, rewarding and you can make lots of money producing paper.
 You can run your enterprise by seeking core investors. Register your company, brand and put in place an effective marketing strategy.
Research the best machinery to use in your production process. Other raw materials used to produce paper include cloth, cotton and recycled paper.
There are different types of paper to produce such as cover paper, index and bond paper. There is a huge market for paper and paper products so find them
7. Corrugated Package Box
Most manufacturers use packaged boxes to store and transport their products. The box has many applications used in both industrial and home use.
 A new entrepreneur in the package box business needs to understand the manufacturing process. They should register the business and write a business plan.
Raw materials used in making packaged box include pine wood, Kraft paper and other ingredients.
8. Sell Used Books
To sell used books you need capital to purchase inventory. You can sell used books online and offline.
To sell online, build a website or sell in an online market place. You can open are bookstore or sell through online classified.
Purchase limited editions and special editions. Also focus on books that could provide a quick turnover. How to Buy and Sell Used Books
9. Invitation Card Making
Invitation cards are made for every occasion they are handy and beautiful. The demand is moderate and you need adequate card making experience.
Some invitation cards are made by hand while others are printed. To create printed cards you need computer design skills and printing knowledge.
10. Hand Made Paper Products
There are many hand made paper products such as invitation cards, filter paper and drawing book. Printed paper products include handbills, cards, posters and paper banners.


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