100+ Most Profitable Small Business Ideas

Are you looking for a profitable business idea then you are in the right place. A business is only profitable if it offers unique service and high quality products.
 To succeed you need knowledge of the enterprise, skill, passion and adequate capital. Other factors that contribute to profitability are staff, location, niche market, management structure and marketing.
Listed below are 100 profitable business ideas
1.Day Care Services 
Opening a Day care is highly profitable because the service is essential to child development. It provides a social experience to children while learning new things.
Day cars establishments provide valuable security and tutelage to young children.  Employed parents need such services especially on week days.
2. Pet Sitting
Pet sitting is an interesting venture that provides moderate financial returns. Startup costs are very little and the business works as a sole proprietorship.
Young teens are drawn to this enterprise due to the low capital investment. All that is required is a love for animals and tons of patience. Get jobs through recommendations, word of mouth and printed flyers.
3. Bed And Breakfast
Bed and breakfast establishments provide a home-like dwelling. The small hotel caters to short time travelers by providing lodging and breakfast.  Some operate a general kitchen and self service blue print.
Some entrepreneurs convert their homes to bed and breakfast hostel. The major challenge in this business is getting certification or permits.
Other challenges are related to accounting and book balancing. In some countries there are strict laws guiding this enterprise.
4. Website Developer
There are over 30 million websites and blogs on the internet. Several hundred thousands are added to this number weekly.
Website developers offer web building service to clients. They do the design, layout, template and hosting plan. Web developers have the technical skills to add useful gadgets and optimize a client’s website.
5. Rug Cleaning Service
Rugs get dirty frequently and require cleaning and maintenance. Although vacuum cleaners are easily accessible not every person can afford to own one.
 Rug cleaning services use different ways to clean your rug. They use chemical agents, vacuum cleaners and wash the rug.
A rug cleaning service should be visible and located in an urban highly populated area. The major startup costs are the equipment and leasing a shop.
 A rug cleaning service can operate as a one man business. Staffs needed for this enterprise are cleaners, receptionist and driver.
6. Music Lesson Teacher
Music is universal and many people have dreams of stardom. They need music lessons to develop their vocal cords or play an instrument.
Music teachers offer voice coaching and instrumentals. The music lessons could be done at a music school or home tutored.

How to Start a Music School Business

7. Photographic Studio
Digital photography is trending due to the proliferation of digital technology. Smart phones such as blackberry, iphones and android devices make photograph taking easy.
Photographers today have many platforms to earn money through photography. It is not imperative to own a photography studio although useful. Are you interested in photography business then

8. Haulage Services
Haulage business is very profitable yet challenging. The major challenges are funding, logistics and honest drivers.  You need a truck to get into the haulage business.
There are many sectors in the haulage industry. Some sectors are oil and gas haulage, container haulage and commodity haulage. There are haulage opportunities in construction and other good delivery.
9. Accountant
Open a small accountancy firm focused at small business owners. Every business needs an accountant to balance their books.
 The business is one of the most profitable ventures around. To open your firm you need qualifications as an accountant.
To operate you need membership in a chattered accountant body in your country including several years of cognate experience. Your accountancy firm has many areas to consider such as tax accounting, real estate, income statement, and business annual report.
10. Editorial Service
There are many editorial services that you can offer your clients. The services involve proof reading, copy editing of a writers work.
Editorial providers do indexing, book directory, ghost writing and copy writing services. You can extend your editorial services based on your proficiency and skill.
More services rendered are web content developer, magazine writing, article writing and book writing.
11. Cleaning Service
You can start a business that offers cleaning service to both corporate clients and private individuals. Many institutions require cleaning services such as banks, hospitals, hotels and restaurants.
Others are hostels, offices and manufacturing companies. Offer high quality service and competitive prices to get clients.
12. Computer Repair
Computers are the in-thing in today’s modern world. In advanced countries 1/3 of the population have at least one computer?
Computers are prevalent in offices and private homes offering repair services opportunities. You need to have proper computer repair skills and contact address.
The basic tools you need to launch your enterprise are easy to source and not expensive. The business model works for students, computer engineers and small business owners.
13. Consultancy
A consultant provides experience to an organization for a fee. Consultancy is a very profitable business venture.
The consultant gets paid for his service either on contractual bases or a retention fee.  A consultant can work from home or lease a small office. 
Many consultancy firms are one man businesses or business partnership arrangement. Consultancy services cover a wide spectrum of services based on the expertise of the consultant.

How to Start a Consulting Business

14. Dog Breeder
Dog breeding is a lucrative business venture in most countries. Pure breed dogs don’t come cheap and dog lovers are willing to pay premium prices.
An entrepreneur looking to make money should concentrate on the high end dogs that attract premium prices. The business needs lots of permits and licenses to run a successful kernel.
Things to consider before starting your enterprise are the breed of dog and location. Other considerations are feeding, grooming and veterinary services

How to Start a Dog Breeding Business

15. Bicycle Repair
Bicycle repair business is more profitable in countries like China and India. Where there are huge number of the population using bicycles to commute you find a lucrative market.
Bicycle repairers use basic tool to carry out their operations. You need very small startup capital and a good location. Alongside your bicycle workshop you can sell new and used bicycles to increase your profit exponentially.
16. Event Planner
To be an event planner you need lots of social skills and networking. Event planner makes huge profit from each gig.
 The grander the celebration the bigger the profit margin the event planner makes. Event planners network with caterers, musicians, entertainment providers and event hall owners.
There are different types of events from corporate gatherings, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. A good event planner will get lots of referrals from satisfied clients.

How to start an Event planning Business

17. Organize Seminars
Seminar organization is very profitable because of the huge returns on investment. To organize a seminar you need a topic, speakers and event venue.
An event planner needs lots of promotions for the event and organizational skills. Business related topics are good earners for seminar organizers. Organize a robust seminar with lots of manuals, books, lectures and practical examples.
18. Personal Trainers
Personal trainers service high net-worth individuals who prefer training at home. They are well paid for their services and the job is stress free.
Many celebrities have fully fitted gymnasiums and workout machinery in their homes. The personal trainer only needs his fitness skill to organize a successful fitness class.
19. Commodity Export Consultant
Commodity export is a multi billion dollar industry and exporters need consultants. Both seasoned and new exporters actively seek the assistance of commodity experts.
There are so many commodities exported such as cashew, ginger, rice, bitter kola, and bananas. More commodities exported are tomatoes, grapes, oranges and pineapples.
20. Interior Decorator
Interior decorators smile to the bank. They need lots of creative and organizational skills. They also need training and certification to start the enterprise.
Interior decorators are needed for hotels, homes and offices. To gain clients an interior decorator needs to actively seek contracts.
Develop your skills as an interior decorator through apprentice programs and books. Understudy an existing firm or attend seminars and interior decoration classes.
21. Real Estate Agency
Real estate agents make money through a percentage on sales or lease agreements. They work as middlemen for property owners and clients.
You need an office and negotiation skills including lots of networking. Property agents need to join local associations and groups for contacts and recommendations.

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22. Jewelry Making Business
Jewelry making is a specialized skill that requires training. Learn your jewelry making skill as an apprentice or hire a coach.
Read lots of books and attend workshops on jewelry making. Jewelry makes concentrate on one or two niche markets such as gold, beads or costume jewelry.

How to Start a Bead Making Business


23. Property Manager
The property manager handles the supervision and running of a property. They handle rent collection, vacancy issues and maintenance.
Properly managers earns depends on the agreement between property owner and manager. The business is highly profitable especially when they manage multiple properties in high net worth areas.
24. Solar Energy Provider
Solar energy is the rave because it’s clean eco friendly source of power. Many people are converting to solar power or using it as an alternate source of electricity.
A solar energy power provider can do lots of installations or sell solar products. The business is lucrative because there are not enough players in the industry.
25. Furniture Upholstery Business
Furniture upholstery entrepreneurs make over 200% on each job. They rely on upholstery skills such as stitching, fabric choice and design.
The equipment used for upholstery is affordable and easy to buy. Furniture upholsters work closely with furniture makers and refurbishes.

26. Car Upholstery
Car upholsters use similar equipment as furniture upholsters. Car seats undergo lots of wear and tire so they need regular change.
Many used car sales outfits use car upholstery services to cleanup the interior for better deals and profit. The business is easily run as a one man enterprise.
To become car upholstery professional you need to learn the skill. The best location for your car upholstery business is close to mechanic workshops.
27. Wedding Planner
Weddings are done everyday of the year around the world. Couples planning a wedding need help in organizing the occasion.
Wedding planers organize the drinks, venue, entertainment and interior design. The job is very profitable and fun.
The wedding theme colors are introduced to the interior or venue design. To gain knowledge and learn the business you need practical lessons. Learn through books, online resources, apprentice arrangement or seminars.
28. Desktop Publisher
Desktop publications abound on the internet. The job description involves posting reviews, articles, ghost writing and blog posts.
Desktop publishers can do freelance services or sell content. There are so many business opportunities for desktop publishers.
They can also work offline for book publishers and printing press. Desktop publishers also write for magazines, newspapers, blogs and websites.
29. Computer Training
Offer computer training courses both online and offline. Online courses involve tutorials, live feeds, video steaming and assignments.
Offline you offer one on one coaching or class groups. The flexibility of your training program depends on your business template.
Organize a computer training seminar and teach practical lessons. Other business avenues are teaching computer knowledge to school pupils and private individuals.
30. Massage Therapist
You need training to become a massage therapist. The business is highly profitable and works alongside other services.
A massage therapist can do home service or open an outlet. The amount of financial involvement depends on your lease agreement, location equipment and number of staff you engage.
31. Landscaper
Landscapers attend to the exterior of offices, companies, homes and hotels. They work in schools, hospital surrounding, public building and hostels.
 Landscapers have lots of business prospects in different industries. The landscaper needs arts and craft skills and knowledge of plants.
They need to secure juicy contracts before they earn huge income. Landscapers work closely with construction workers and botanical gardeners

How to Start a Profitable Landscaping Gardening Business

32. Building Construction
Everywhere you look there is one construction job going on. Building construction is very lucrative and rewarding.
To run a building construction firm you need lots of permits, certification and qualifications. The job is highly technical and need qualified professionals. It is also highly regulated and you need qualified staff to avoid litigation.
33. Building Contractors
Building contractors supply the hardware to construction site. They work on margins and commission bases.
Building contractors supply the sand, gravel, iron rods, and wood. The contractor needs lots of networking with wholesalers and manufacturers.
The better his source of building materials the greater the profit he makes. Owning a truck will also increase the profit margin and reduced transportation costs.
34. Hairstylist
Hairstylists are in high demand from saloons to private engagement. Stylists are used in film productions, home service and weddings.
Fashion shows are incomplete without the skills of hairstylists. Find your niche market and excel is the best way to go. The stylist can operate from a beauty parlor or work from home.
35. Barbering Saloon
Register your barbing salon as a sole proprietorships business. The location is very important to the success of the enterprise.
The business model is very simple and the equipment is cheap. You can learn how to cut hair or hire barbers.
Barbers make lots of money if they offer quality service and have lots of customers. To increase earnings offer home services and charge accordingly.
36. Iron Welding
Iron welder proved construction materials for builders and other applications. They build iron gates and fabricate furniture and other utilities.
 The welder needs technical knowledge and a workshop. The tools of the trade are affordable and the business works as a sole proprietorship.

Top 10 Welding and Fabrication Business Ideas

37. Carpentry Services
Carpentry serves are dynamic because they cover repairs, fabrication and creative designs. Other sectors are furniture making, home repairs, creative art and refurbishing.  The tools are basic and moderately expensive and the carpenter is only as good as his skill.
38. Herbal Practitioners
Herbal practitioners are millionaires because they have a huge market base. Herbal products are not strictly regulated in many countries making room for many players.
The herbal practitioners have improved on their packaging and marketing strategy. There are herbal products for virtually any health and even physiological illnesses.
The grand claims by herbal practitioners are not substantiated under laboratory conditions. Despite this fact the larger populations especially in third world countries prefer herbal drugs.
39. Farming Business
Farming is one of the top employers of labor in the world. This is because there are many opportunities in the agricultural sector.
There are two major sectors livestock farming and agricultural farming. Livestock covers cattle farming, pig, goat, and poultry. Poultry is further divided to chicken farming, turkey, duck, ostrich and quail.
Agric is divided into crops and vegetables such as lettuce, carrots, cabbage. Other agricultural products are fruits such as oranges grades, lemons, pineapple, apples and corn.
Farmers generally need landed space, farm structures and product. They require investment capital, specialized equipment and knowledge.
Find out the sector of interest and write a business plan and do visibility study. You can secure funding from agricultural bank loans and cooperative societies. Under the farming industry we have processing and product packaging.
Farming List
·         Cashew nuts, cocoa,
·         Grapes, oranges, pear, pineapples, apples, tangerine,
·         Berries 
·         Rice, beans, wheat
·         Cows, goats, sheep, camel, pigs, rabbits
·         Snail, muskrat, mushroom
·         Catfish tilapia, salmon, aquarium fish
40. Graphic Designer
The graphic designer is needed in many establishments. Publishers need graphic designers for book covers and magazine publications.
The job extends to advertisement billboards, album covers and fashion accessories. As a graphic designer find your niche market and excel.

How to Start a Graphic Design Business

41. Appliance Repairer
Appliances need regular repair to remain functional. The repair has a wide variety of appliances to repair such as televisions, radios, microwaves and refrigerators.
Learn the trade from a technical institute or apprentice program. Increase your knowledge through books, manuals and tutorials.
42. Taxi Service
Taxi service business is a very profitable business venture. The business is possible as a one man enterprise or limited liability company.
You can invest in a taxi cab pool with several vehicles. The size and scope of your business depends on the business template and funding.
Offer shuttle services, ‘call a cab’ services or public services. The taxi can also operate a chauffer driving service. Permits needed are car licensing, driver’s license, and taxi cab commercial operational license including association fees.
43. Become a Franchisee
Many top company’s offer franchise agreements to small business owners. Franchise agreements provide good support and technical support to franchisee.
There are many companies that offer franchisee agreements such as fast food outlets and restaurants. There are hotel franchise, resorts, supermarkets and petrol stations.
44. Marketing Consultant
Every business organization worth its salt need qualified marketing consultant. Top organizations spend millions on marketing consultancy services to remain competitive
 A good marketing consultant provides result oriented advice and services. The business is profitable however you must understand marketing trends.
45. Business Plan Consultant
Startup companies need to write a business plan and conduct a feasibility study. The business plan is an essential document that covers the business structure, management, and future goals.
The plan shows product, labor costs, location and other market analysis. Consultants are hired to write a bankable comprehensive business plan.
46. Oil and Gas
Oil and gas has many sub sectors that provide business opportunities. You can open a petrol station, diesel deport or sell kerosene.
There are also petroleum product haulage and delivery services. Other jobs related to ‘oil and gas’ are oil consultancy services and pipeline security. Another oil and gas business is gas supplies and retailing.
47. Restaurant Business
The business of running a restaurant is tough but lucrative. Aside from the glamour the workload is intense and competitive.
You need to provide prompt and efficient service including good food. Location is very important and the experience of the chef. The size of the business depends on funds and your blueprint.
48. Manufacturing Industry
An amazing 95% of items in your home was either manufactured or processed. Manufacturing is so vast that new products are introduced into the market every minute.
To start your enterprise discover a niche and learn the manufacturing process. Manufacturing business works small, middle and large scale. There are food, furniture and house hold utilities made everyday.
 A few home based ideas are soap making, detergents, candles, perfumes and costume jewelry. Others are food related such as cakes, honey, peanut butter, ice creams.
49. Hospitality Industry
The hospitality industry is huge however there is room for new entrepreneur. Under the hospitality industry we have restaurants, hotels motels and bread and breakfast.
Others are booking agent, travel agencies, tour guides, boat rental, Jet ski, and organized events. Discover your interest do research, learn the trade and secure funding.
Write a business plan and feasibility study before embarking on the project.
List of Hospitality Businesses
Boat rental, motorcycle rental, Jet Ski,
Taxi and bus shuttle
Tour guides
Travel agency
Hotels, motels, bread and breakfast, beach resorts, self service condominiums
Fast food outlets, restaurant, push cart traders
Arts and craft business that sells, painting, sculptures, artifacts
Fashion accessories stores for bangles, earrings, chains, necklaces, cloths, perfumes
50. Online Businesses
Do you know that millions of people work online across the world? They make money through online commerce and trade.
Online opportunities include blogging, freelancing and trade. Freelancers include graphic designers, writers, bloggers, software designers, web designers. Trade cuts across fashion, utilities, products and services.

 Small Business Ideas: List of 100 Small Business ideas

Small Business Ideas
 There are many good business ideas that earn moderate income when done properly. However, finance, location and knowledge of the business are important. You need adequate training and skilled staff to succeed.
Small businesses are one-man business, partnership, or run by a group of people. Your business model depends on your vision, type of business and capital. You are either a large scale, medium or small scale enterprise depending on your vision.
The good thing about starting a business is time-flexibility, choice, and commitment. Anyone can start a business and become achieve success.
There is great reward becoming an employer of labor instead of adding to the labor market. The amazing thing about a small business is the ability to grow, job satisfaction and the financial rewards.
Before starting a business, consider your academic qualification, skills, and knowledge of the business. Some criteria are artistic inclination, creativity, and business acumen
Others are motivation, learnt or inherent skills, finance, and the business idea. More considerations are lifestyle changes, goals, and the business profitability.
Below is a list of business ideas that are small scale or medium scale enterprises. The businesses are divided into a few categories according to the sector they belong.
Farming Business
Farming business is the number one profitable business venture in the world. Farming fits either home based small business format or medium to large-scale farming.
In certain countries, government regulations guide farming business especially homegrown livestock.
List of farming Business
51 Chicken Farming- Chicken is farmed for either meat or egg production. To farm chicken at home you need to scale down the number of birds.
52 Catfish are rugged durable and easy to grow. Within six months, they are ready for the market and require moderate fishponds to thrive.
53 Goat, sheep, pig, rabbit, and Grasscutter are small business ventures you can do if you have adequate space. Rabbits, Grasscutters, and pigs reproduce regularly in large numbers increasing your initial investment in a relatively short period.
54 You can farm snails at home under certain conditions. Snails need a secure pen, good soil, including food and shelter plants to thrive.
55 Organic plants like lettuce, cabbage, mushrooms, and cash crops like tomatoes, onion, and pepper make good business ventures. You can sell your produce at local stall, farm outlets, open market, or supermarkets.
56  Worm farming, logging business, bee keeping
57 Gourmet salad greens, organic eggs, and herbal teas
Niche Businesses
Niche businesses are businesses that are specific to certain clients. The business might revolve around a product or a specialized service.
List of Niche Businesses
58 Barbing saloon, hairdressing, beautician, make up artist.
59 Carpenters, building construction, a piano tuner, gift baskets.
60Carpet cleaners, exotic fish rearing, dog food manufacturing
61Pounded yam flour Production, tinned tomatoes production
62Palm oil business, designer dog houses, funny pet photography
63Colorful pet toys, animal hotels, sell exotic birds and animals
64You can become a wedding planner, or a fashion consultant to the stars.
Types of Business
Which business format do you prefer?
Top of Form
  • farming business
  • service business
  • export business
  • creative business ventures
Bottom of Form
List of Service Oriented Business
Service businesses are businesses were you render a service. In actuality, every business is a service business because you provide a solution for clients.
List of Service Businesses
65 The list includes Delivery service, Event Planning.
66 You can start a House keeping, become a Lesson teacher, or start a Daycare center. Many service businesses are home based and require only a dedicated telephone.
67 You can do some Pool cleaning or start a business center, or open a cybercafé.
68 Printing businesses involve printing of handbills, posters, books.
69 Lawn mowing, music lessons
Creative Ventures
Creative venture are businesses that require creative or artistic skills
70 Sell your painting, craft-work, needlework online or direct to clients or in stores.
71 You can make beeswax candles, crazy animal fashion, handmade toys
72 Exotic beads, hand made chains, hand made jewelry and hand made amulets
73 You can make vintage furniture, beautiful cushions, Cain chairs and tables
Business Ventures
Creative business ventures
Food businesses
Online commerce
Needle work
food vendor
Web design
art work
open a restaurant
Affiliate marketing
Food Business Ventures
74 If you have the resources you can open a restaurant or a small food outlet
75 You can start a meal delivery serve to offices or homes
76. Organic baby food business, Bake cakes, Meat Pies and other fast food.
77 Open a stall and start a barbeque business or get attached to a leisure bar
78 Sell Tinned and dried food to supermarkets or your local grocery stores
79. Make ethnic food for sale, any home based food business you like.
80. Become a mobile food vendor, food-processing business.
81. Frozen foods sales, live stock and poultry sales
More Small Business Ideas
There are many more small business ideas some more listed bellow.
82. Tool rental business, office rental business, become a graphic designer
83. Proofreader, bicycles sell/repairing business, or an organic pest control business.
84. Taxi business, car hire business, valet service, virtual assistant, blogger
85. Start a driving school, web designer, a local tour guide
86. Start a house painting business, electrical fittings business.
87. Start a computer training business, sell accessories, sell mobile phones
88. Cement sales and distribution, freelance writing, sell cooking gas
89. Uniform making business, ready to wear, start transportation business
90. Small scale manufacturing, scrap metal business, animal feed business
91. Software development, security gadget sales, recharge-card business
92. Sports betting business open an art gallery
93. Make building blocks for construction workers, jewelry making business
94. Start a travel agency, go into photography, become a weight loss consultant
95. Start a private library, start a day spa, or biscuit production company.
96.  Sell organic fruits, home canned honey, start a dating service business
97.  Open a video game center, sell stock photography online, or mail order business
98.  Go into antique furniture sales, become a consultant, disc jockey.
99. Start an internet radio, become a modeling agent, or start an online clothing store
100. Repair appliances for clients, become a facility manager, a marketing /PR agent.
We hope you get inspired to start a small business today, bye


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