18 Profitable Retail Business Ideas

The three tire supply chain starts with the manufacturers to the wholesalers. From the wholesalers the product goes to the retailer then the final consumer.
 Retailers perform a very critical aspect of the supply chain. Without the retailers manufacturers are at a serious disadvantage.
Small, medium, enterprises are the engine room of retail business. The retail sector is diverse and covers several industries.
To mention a few we have the beauty industry, aggro-based products, travel and healthcare. Others are construction, electrical, electronics and the travel industry.
Here is a list of a few retail business ideas.  
Agro- Based Retailers
Some agricultural products in the livestock sector are Chickens, goats, cows, turkeys attract good prices. The animals are farmed for meat, eggs, milk and skin.
 Agro retail industry apart from selling livestock has many sub-sectors including feed manufacturing and veterinary services. Crops also attract their fair share of patronage both in the retail and manufacturing sector.
Common crops planted are cashew, coconuts, rice, beans, wheat, and cotton. Fruits are eaten raw or processed into different products. 
Beauty Retailers
Beauty retailers sell diverse beauty products such as hair extensions and makeup. The beauty industry includes product development and sales.  Beauty products extend to accessories, fashion outfits, bags and shoes. 
Beauty Salon
Beauty salons provide beauty care to patrons. The service involves cosmetic makeovers, pedicure and hairdressing. Although beauty salons are many new entrepreneurs should discover their own niche. 
Travel Industry
The travel industry has many retail businesses that service the sector. The businesses cover beauty, entertainment, shuttle and accommodation.
 Others are tour guides, boat rental, arts and craft. The separate industries work together in harmony in the tourist industry 
Organic Food Stores
Organic food stores specialize in organic products. Organic products attract high prices that other products.
Different fruits such as oranges, grapes, pineapples and apples grown organically are favorite products. Vegetables are a favorite in the organic produce market. 
 Fitness Stores
Fitness stores concentrate on exercise equipment and literature. Equipment found in such stores is treadmills, weights, dumbbells and other equipment.
 Healthcare Retailers
In the healthcare sector we have pharmacy’s selling drugs to private individuals. Other healthcare providers are medical suppliers, retailers and hospital equipment suppliers. 
Cloths and Textile
Cloths retailer’s sell used and new cloths to the general public. The enterprise is highly competitive and has many independent small businesses.
Textile companies on the other hand design and manufacture the fabrics that are sold through fabric stores. The cloths retailer could have a niche store or general purpose store. 
Construction Industry
The business of construction deals with many building materials. The retailer in the construction industry has many sub-sectors to supply.
They can sell iron, steel, aluminum roofing sheet, plastic pipes and electrical fittings. Other small retail jobs are bricks making, sand and granite supplies
 Electrical Stores
There are many small businesses in the electrical supply business. They sell electrical equipment such as bulbs, electrical wires, switches, and lamps. Other things in their store a fluorescent lamps, chandeliers, screwdrivers, and safety gear.  
Electronic Stores
Electronic store are popular and found in most communities. The stores sell household equipment to offices and private homes.
Some of the common electronic equipment sold are radios, televisions, refrigerators, clocks and microwave machines. Office electronics are also best sellers such as fax machines, computers and scanners.  
Food Industry
Food retailers sell either raw products or processed products. You have lots of grocery stores, supermarkets, restaurants and fruit stands. Other food related outlets are bread bakeries, cake makers and fast food vendors.  
Herbal Stores
Herbal retail store make lots of money because they offer an alternative to modern medicine. Herbal practitioners make lots of money selling their products. Herbal retailers sell packaged herbal products or raw ingredients to customers. 
Home Based Retailer’s
There is no limit to the type of business you can do from home. You can open an online retail store, book store, fruit juice company, dress business.
 Focus on your area of expertise and build a business at home . Use online resources to reach your customers. Build a website, highlight your products add a payment solution and shipping. Leather Wears Industry
Leather wears are fashionable and attract good prices. There are many leather wear sold by retail to customers.
Retailers sell leather bags, leather hats, cloths, bags and shoes. Find your niche, develop your craft skill and lease a store to sell your goods.  
Fabrication Industry
Fabrication involves different raw materials such as steel, iron, and wood. The fabricator should choose a niche and perfect his craft.
Iron fabricators work closely with building contractors to supply iron. Irons are fabricated into works of art or useful tools.
Wood fabrication is also a profitable business venture. Carpenters can make jewelry boxes, wooden toys and furniture.  
Paper Stores
The paper retail industry is vast and has many sectors. Retailers sell different grams of bond paper and vanguard paper.
Others concentrate on books or sell toiletries, and tissue paper. Paper products include face wipes, nappies, corrugated packaged boxes, paper bags and paper cups.  
Plastic and Polymer Stores
There are many plastic products sold by retails. Plastic products are used for diverse domestic and industrial applications.
 They are used as containers, encasement and functional items. Common plastic sold by retailers are water storage tanks, buckets, plates, and cups.
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