30 Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas

 Agricultural products are some of the most profitable business ventures. We have livestock farming, crop and vegetable farming.
Livestock farming involves cattle farming, pig farming, goat, sheep, and poultry. Under poultry we have chickens, turkey, ostrich, quail, and duck.
Farmers grow fruits, vegetables and cash crops such as cashew nuts. Here are 30 profitable Agriculture Business ideas to consider
Agriculture Consulting 1
Agriculture consultancy is an essential part of farming. Without professional consultation the quality and quantity of produce will be affected.
Crops are susceptible to climatic conditions, soil and pest management.  Other things that affect production are poor seedlings, species of plant and animals.  
Agriculture consultants provide expertise in land selection, soil management, crop type and other valuable information.
Potato Chips Production 2
Potato chips go through production process and packaging. The delicious snack is easy to make and market.
 Potato chip production is done small, medium or large scale.  The potato is processed and different spices are added to the chips.
Soil Testing Facility 3
The PH level and soil composition is necessary for good yield. Farmers know the importance of nutrients in the soil.
Different crops require different soil compositions to thrive. The most logical option is to hire a soil expert to determine the soil composition. To run this business you need the prerequisite knowledge of soil management and composition.
Seed Farming 4
Some farmers concentrate on producing only seedlings for farmers. This area of farming is highly specialized and very lucrative.
Farmers need high quality seedlings and are willing to pay for the improved seeds. The seed farmer should focus on crops that are popular in his community.
Corn Farming 5
Corn is used in the manufacture of many food items. The crop is seasonal and attracts lots of patronage.
Corn is eaten boiled, roasted or processed into local dishes. Corn is also used to make corn flour, starch and other produce. The crop is easy to grow however you need a large parcel of land for profitability.
Goat Farming 6
Goats are rugged and hardy creatures with some species living up to twenty years. Goats are farmed for their meat, milk, skin and hair.
They are reared in enclosures or allowed to forage for food. Goat meat is a delicacy and used to make goat meat pepper soup in many countries.
Dairy Farming 7
Dairy farming is a very profitable business venture. The cows produce milk consistently when properly managed. The milk is processed into different products such as butter, cheese and biscuits.
Landscaping Company 8
Landscapers develop the exterior of homes, offices, gardens and parks. Urbanization has depleted the forests and natural fauna in most countries.
Landscapers provide balance and important service to the environment. The landscaper needs to secure good contracts to earn a living.
Vegetable Farming 9
Vegetable farming is labor intensive and requires lots of maintenance. There is a huge market for fresh vegetables.
To increase yield invest in mechanized machinery and skilled labor. Plant cabbage, lettuce and common vegetables favored by people in your community.
Vegetable Oil 10
Vegetable oil is the most useful product in the kitchen. Vegetable oil is produced from many crops such as soy, groundnut, sunflower, canola or coconut.
The oil is bottled, canned or sealed in waterproof nylon. Billions of metric tons of vegetable oil s consumed yearly making the super product very valuable.
Rice Milling 11
Rice plantations need to mill their produce before bagging and sales. Many local communities use locally fabricated mills to produce rice.
Rice attracts premium price because it is a staple in many countries. The cash crop is sold to local consumers or exported to foreign countries.
Poultry Farming 12
Poultry is eaten more than beef, pork or other meat products. Poultry involves the rearing of chicken, turkey, duck or ostrich birds.
However poultry is generally a reference to chicken farming. Poultry also involves egg or meat production.
Poultry farming is capital intensive and requires lots of feeding and cages. Old and new layers are kept for eggs while growers are used for meat.
Dog Breeding 13
Dog breeding is lucrative especially if you concentrate on pure breed dogs. You need a kennel, female and male dogs including veterinary services. The major cost in dog breeding is feeding the dogs and regular medical supervision.
Egg Production 14
Eggs are a highly sort after product eaten in most households. They are also used in manufacturing of different products and bakeries.
 A layer is capable of producing eggs almost every day. You need transportation and egg trays to carry your product.  Marketing involves reaching out to small grocery stores, supermarkets and market women.
Snail Rearing Business 15
Snails are a delicacy in most countries and attract good prices. Snails are kept in confined pens and they feed and grow among food or shelter plants.
The large snails are the preferred variety used in snail farming. They are sold live to restaurants, hotels, food canteens and individual shoppers.
Piggery 16
Pigs are smart rugged animals that grow rapidly and attract premium price. They produce large number of piglets and are easy to manage. Find a suitable location to build your pig pen and get permits.
Grasscutter 17
Grasscutter are simply muskrats grown in captivity. Not everyone has the taste for such rodents however in some countries it is a delicacy.
They attract good price because they are specially bred. They grow rapidly are not fussy feeder and produce lots of young rats.
Dried Flower Business 18
Dried flower has its own specialty market and customers. You need to learn how to profit from dried flower business.
The business works both home based and in an office environment. It is good for domestic and export markets.
Organic Compost and Fertilizer 19
There are farmers that focus only on producing organic compost. The compost is favored by farmers, landscapers and garden owners.
The compost attract good price per kilogram. You can produce organic compost through worm farming and other methods
Beekeeping 20
Beekeepers keep bees in remote areas away from urban settlements. The bees need to forage for nectar before they can produce honey. Honey is a premium product used in many homes and industrial applications
Catfish Farming 21
You can grow catfish in a pond at home or in a farming environment. It takes about seven months for the fish to grow into adulthood. The growth process starts from the fry-fingerlings-juvenile –adulthood.
Fruits Retailer 22
Fruits are good for us luckily there are a vast number of fruits. Common fruits are oranges, pineapples, grapes, coconuts and mangoes. Others are bananas, plantains, quavers and tangerines.
Livestock Feed 23
Poultry are veracious eaters and consume huge amount of food. That is why livestock feed producers make lots of money. Without a steady source of food your livestock will not grow or produce.
Frozen Food Dealer 24
Frozen food dealers are in high demand in West Africa. Frozen food dealers’ sell frozen fish such as Titus, tilapia and croaker fish.
They also sock turkey, gizzards and frozen chicken. The frozen food seller needs a refrigerator, weighing machine and cutting knives.
Pesticide and Germicides 25
To produce pesticides you need training. There are different types of pesticides both synthetic and organic.
 Learn how to make pesticides, consider marketing, and funding. Your product would have to go through testing and certification before approval.
Fish Hatchery 26
Another sub sector of fish farming is the production of fry and fingerlings. The farmers specialize in producing fingerlings for other fish farmers. 
Fish hatcheries make lots of money selling to fish farmers. Common fish found in hatcheries are tilapia and catfish.

Flour Milling 27
There are different types of flour products made from wheat, corn or maize. It is used in home meals and baking. Some flour is used in industrial applications and products.
Cashew Export 28
Cashew is a crop that attracts huge profit both domestic and exported. You can sell directly to exporters or manufacturing companies. The business is very profitable and capital intensive.
Fruit juice Producer 29
The fruit juice market is highly competitive and challenging. To break into the market you need lots of market, funds and quality product. You can concentrate on only one fruit or do a mixed fruit product.
Spice Producer 30
Asian countries are the masters of spices and produce amazing tastes. The type of spice you produce is limited to your imagination.
The spice could be hot, mild, salty, fruity, gritty or sweet. Do extensive testing and create your own spice.


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