Biscuit Making: How to Start a Biscuit Making Business

Biscuits are eaten by adults, teenagers and young children. They come in various flavors, sizes, shapes and colors.
The packaging's are properly made to attract interest in the product. Large scale biscuit making is capital intensive however small entrepreneurs are also able to earn profit.
To reach customers manufacturers use intense marketing strategies and management techniques. The biscuit business is saturated and highly competitive and interesting.
Do you know how to bake homemade cookies and biscuits? Then starting a small scale biscuit factory is a good idea.
To differentiate your biscuits you need to develop a high quality product and attractive packaging. Develop a recipe, offer a large verity and do product testing and sampling.
An effective marketing tool is taking surveys and market analysis. Here are a few business ideas on how to start a biscuit making business.
 Register the Biscuit Company
Your product needs to go through the standards organization certification. Choose a good business name and register your enterprise as a limited liability company.
Secure a trade license and national food and drug identification number. Apply for value added tax registration and get insurance cover.
It is ideal to write a business plan and carry out a feasibility study of your community.
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Locating the Biscuit Factory
The business template dictates the size of your enterprise. You can start a small biscuit production company at home or lease a property.
The size of your oven also depends on the number and type of biscuit you want to produce.
Market the Biscuit Product.
The best consumers for biscuits are children and teenagers. Things that affect sales are the price, quality and packaging.
 The business is highly competitive so you need to put in place a comprehensive marketing strategy.  Promote your biscuits through fun television advertisement and radio jingles.
You need to do lots of coupons, freebies, discounts and other interesting activities. Focus on a targeted demography of your choice.
Create a powerful brand, image, taste and product to corner your market.  Despite a proliferation of huge brands, local manufacturers make great gains by producing tasty product.
Raw Material Used to Produce Biscuit.
The main ingredient in biscuit is wheat flour. Other ingredients include sugar, food colorants, salt, milk powder and yeast.
The common method used in producing biscuit by making dough. Manufacturers generally mix the wheat flour with different ingredients. After the fermentation process the dough is baked and packaged.
Machinery used in producing biscuit is the dough mixer and rotary molder. Large companies use a production line including wrapping and packaging.
Production Process for Cookie
Make the dough-process fermentation-shape-baking-testing-packaging
Major Bakery Equipment Used to Make Biscuits
To produce biscuit you need a flour sifter, mixer, laminator, dough elevator and baking pan. Other equipment’s are cooling conveyors, swivel pan, cutter, molder, gauge rolls and magnetic stacker.
More equipment’s are bulk handling system, packaging machines biscuit grinders, trays, dough divider.
Equipment Used to Produce Biscuit.
Flour sifter
Sheet cutting unit
Rotary cutters
Block cooler
Slab slicer
Packaging machine
Pressure board
Cooling tunnel
Dough mixer
Different Types of Biscuits
There are different types of biscuits however a few stand out from the pack. High quality biscuits are the delicious chocolate Viennese sandwich biscuit.
Others are Chocó Leibniz, chocolate fingers, Maryland cookie, Jaffa cake and Florentine. We also have the Viennese whirl, chocolate bourbon, custard cream and Jammie dodger.
A Comprehensive List of Biscuits
Jammie dodger
Pink wafer
Chocolate bourbon
Custard cream
Viennese whirl
Chocolate fingers
Rich tea
Ginger nut
Malted milk
Crunch cream
Chocolate digestive
To start your enterprise learns how to make biscuits then buy equipment. Create a recipe and organize your assembly line.
Spend on the package design and create an effective marketing strategy. You need adequate funding, staff and corporate identity.


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