Chalk making: How to Start a Chalk Manufacturing Company

Chalks are still the main writing tools in developing countries. They are used in institutes of learning, hospitals and small businesses.
Chalk production is profitable due largely to the high demand. Many home based small businesses have found chalk making low cost and easy to produce.
African and Asian countries are the highest consumer of chalk products. Other things that increase the demand are higher birth rates and growing focus on education.
Government regulations, increased number of teachers and private schools has added to the boom in chalk sales. Here are a few ideas on how to start a chalk making business.
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 How to Start a Chalk Manufacturing Company
The good part is that you can start a home based chalk production company with little funds. The production process is simple and easy to execute.
Before launching your enterprise you need to learn how to make chalk. Other things to consider are sourcing the raw materials, getting initial startup funds and company incorporation.
Incorporate the Chalk Production Company
Choose a good business name for your chalk business. Incorporate the business as a sole proprietorship and get tax identification number.
Apart from company registration, insurance and tax you might need a trade license. Locate your business close to large human traffic or urban area. Another good location is close to stationary stores or bookstores.
Writing a Business Plan
Despite the simplicity of making chalk and running a home business you still need a business plan. The plan is useful in identifying the challenges and goal of your enterprise.
You can make future projections, growth and other determinations. Add a feasibility study to locate your customer base, location, and different marketing opportunities.
It is important to analyze the market, demand and other competitors. Make sure you have a large enough customer base to sustain your business.

Funding the Chalk Business
Startup cost includes leasing a shop, equipment, training, staff wages and raw materials. Other cost considerations are utility bills, company permits and registration. Fund your enterprise through target saving or soft loans from friends and family.
Learn How to Make Chalk
Luckily there are many workshops and information on how to make chalk. Try an apprentice program or hire a tutor.
There are lots of books, online resources and tutorials to learn the basics. The best way is to gain practical experience.
Buy Chalk Making Equipment
Chalk making machine are either manual or automatic chalk makers. You can buy new, fabricated or used equipment for your business.
The equipment’s needed are packaging materials, molds and brushes. Others are scrapers, electric mixer, safety gear, and dryer. Gun metal and aluminum are used for the manual process while the large companies use fully automated machines.
Raw Material Used to Produce Chalk
The major ingredient that goes into the manufacture of chalk is POP, calcium carbonate. It is white and powdery when mixed in water hardens quickly and produces heat.
Other things used during the production process are well lubricated molds and water. The molds are encased in a wooden frame and made from aluminum, metal or rubber.
The number of holes dictates the quantity of chalk produced. The scraper is used to scrape the surface of the chalk mold while the finished product is sealed in nylon and packaged.
The Chalk Making Process
Prepare your mould by lubricating with oil, kerosene concoction. Then mix the POP with calcium and add water.
Once your pasty mixture has the right consistencies pour into your mold. Scrape the excess and leave to dry and solidify for twenty minutes. Once the chalk is removed use a dryer and dry in sun for a few days.
The last stage is packaging your product.
Step by Step Guide
Clean the moulds
Apply lubricant to mould
Set the mould in wooden frame
Mix Plaster of Paris with China clay and additives
Add water to achieve a homogenous mixture
Pour mixture in moulds
Remove excess and allow setting.
Remove chalk and dry
Package the chalk.
Marketing Strategy
Sell your products to public and private schools. Produce high quality chalk and hire sale representatives on commissions.
Sell through your website or blog and stationary stores. Try free online classified websites to reach potential customers.


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  3. Kaolin, also called china clay, soft white clay that is an essential ingredient in the manufacture of china and porcelain and is widely used in the making of paper, rubber, paint, and many other products. Kaolin is named after the hill in China (Kao-ling) from which it was mined for centuries.

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