Dating Agency Business: How to Open a Dating Service

People date to find a compatible partner to start a relationship or get married.  There are many reasons why people date however companionship is high on the list.
In today’s fast changing world it’s harder to find your missing rib. Due mainly to tough work schedules and other reasons people find it difficult to make the connection.
 Many smart entrepreneurs have noticed the void in this industry so they invest in match making. A dating service provides a platform where single individual visit to find their ideal partner.
The business works both offline and online. The business does not require huge investment and is operated from home or office.
Research your Competitions
Dating services abound and are found in many countries. Some are more successful than other with thousands of subscribers and participants.
Study you competitors and see what they are doing right or wrong. Find out about the industry and added value services they offer.
Are their any such services in your immediate area these are questions to answer.
Open an Office
You can either open an office to meet couples or work from home. You office needs a receptionist and office equipment.
Lease a property in an urban area close to residential neighborhood. The demography of people actively seeking relationship is usually 21-50 years of age.
Find Your Target Market
Your target market could be tailored to a specific niche or race. It could be community based, location specific or operate a broad market.
Focus on a theme to further streamline your members. Make sure you provide a comprehensive data of members and preferences.
Create a form for new members to fill prior of inclusion in the program. The form should contain name, age, sex, eye color, ethnicity and country of origin.

Others are social leanings, academic level, interests and dislikes. Most dating services also include picture of the individual. To get ahead in the business you have to differentiate your services from your competitors.
Offer Added Services
Registration on many dating websites is free however the entrepreneur needs to create additional services. The additional services are the money makers.
Offer premium members better placement and additional services. The list of services should be innovative, fun, safe to provide an enabling environment for love. Your services can include coaching, bio-metric pairing and date nights.
Premium members pay a subscription fee for added services. This improves their chances of making a love connection. Offer services such as wardrobe assessment, chaperon service and literature.
You need to create a good price guideline that works. Some dating services withhold telephone numbers until the person interested signs up as a member. Dating services provide updates and biography to premium members.
Register your Business
You can register your business as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company. There are very few licensing or permits required.
If you work predominantly online you don’t have to get a permit. Select a powerful attention grabbing name to attract viewers.
The domain name should correspond with the name of your dating agency.  Then build a befitting website for your agency.
It is odd to run a serious dating agency without owning a website. You need only one or two staff to run a dating agency.
Don’t forget to get liability insurance to protect against litigation's. If you work from an office create a comfortable room for consultations.
 Build your Website
You need a website designer to create a good website for your agency. The graphic design should be attractive fun and easy to navigate.
You website should be interactive, updated frequently auto or manually moderated. You need a website to run your dating service.
The advantage of running a website is different money making opportunities. There are also many templates during the building process.
Once your web designer comes up with a banging theme and decent traffic you can monetize your blog. Your website can make money from advertisement placement.
 Use Google Adsense to serve up related advertisement. Other additional income sources are affiliate programs focused on gifts, restaurants, cloths and romantic destinations. Don’t forget paid membership on the premium accounts.
Promote your Dating Service
Promote your dating service through your website or blog. Use colorful brochures, posters, handbills, business cards and banners. Advertise in local and international newspapers including top singles magazines.
Target your clients through online advertisement on FaceBook and Google Adwords. Organize fun outings and events including free seminars or symposiums.
Owning a dating agency is fun and rewarding. Once there is a love connection gather testimonials from satisfied clients.
Network with value added companies to make your job easier. There are some association you can look into to become a member.
Offer quality service including prompt response and you will do well in the dating business.


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