Envelop Manufacturing Business: How to Start an Envelop Manufacturing Business

Envelops are important stationary used in office administration and postal offices. They are used to send post cards, letters and store documents.
There are different types of envelops plain or colored manufactured. They also come in different sizes, colors and designs.
The light weight material is also handy to keep other items. Envelop making is lucrative and has lots of competitors.
Envelops are also produced using different material apart from paper. They have the paper envelops, plastic envelops and synthetic material envelops.
Register the Envelop Manufacturing Business
The production process is simple cut, form, glue and dry. However the company needs either a semi automated or automated machine.
The machines come in different shapes, sizes and designs. You can find locally fabricated ones in the market.
To save cost you might decide to lease equipment. Other things you need is a factory space and administrated building.
 Register your enterprise as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company. Secure a trade license, value added tax identification number and insurance.
You need to also make provisions for waste paper management.
Funding Your Envelop Manufacturing Business
You can approach a merchant bank for long or short termed loans to finance your business. You can invite a partner and form a partnership arrangement.
Other funding sources are family and friends or open a target saving account to raise funds for your business venture.
Best location for your Envelop Manufacturing Company
Locate your enterprise where there is a good transport network, electricity and cheap labor. The numbers of staff in a small envelop manufacturing business are about five.
You need skilled machine operators, glue handlers, packaging staff and driver. Other staffs include cleaners, security staff and marketers. Another good location is close to your customer base. Start a Paper Bag Making Business
Machinery Used to Manufacture Envelops
There are different variety of envelop making machines and brands. The machinery used to produce envelop are either semi-automatic or fully automatic machines.
One is the full automatic pocket making and peel paper pasting machine. The fully automated multi-functional envelop and paper bag machine.
Semi automated envelop machine and advanced envelop machine that also produces wallets including booklets. Other machinery needed is the die-cutting machine.
The machine is used to cut envelops to desired sizes and specifications.
Marketing your Manufacturing Envelop
It is important to spend money on marketing your product. Major consumers of envelops are book stores, stationary stores, wholesalers, and post offices.
Envelops are used by business offices, colleges, hospitals and private individuals. Hire sales representatives based on commission per sale. They will reach offices and solicit contracts or supplies.
Advertise using print and electronic media. You can print handbills, complementary cards, posters, billboards and in newspapers.
Offer stationary wholesalers that deal in envelop mouth watering discounts. Advertise in television and radio programs.
A List of Sales Outlets
·         Bookstores
·         Stationary Stores
·         Supermarket
·         Wholesalers
·         Bookshops
·         Post offices
·         Corporate Offices
·         Hospitals
·         Government Offices
·         Colleges
·         Universities
·         Private individuals

Build a Website
Build a website dedicated to your manufacturing business. The website should be search engine optimized and easy to navigate.
Use a web developer to create a unique design and template. Offer your products through images, pricing, description and service delivery.
Include into the design a shipping cart for online orders. Try to introduce either card processing of PayPal.
Factor cost of shipment based on geographical location and distance to your company.. Make sure your domain name reflects the type of business and service you provide.
Envelop manufacturing is a highly competitive venture done large and small scale. You need a good location, skilled machine operators and marketing crew.
Design and produce a high quality product for customer’s satisfaction. Don’t forget to include your company branded name on your envelop.


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