How to Run a Successful Coffee Shop

Coffee shop business is fast growing with new shops opening everyday. The business is highly competitive with many players.  However there is room for new entrepreneurs.
No two coffee shops are the same due to the kind of coffee they serve. Other things that differentiate each shop is the interior and exterior decor.
 Coffee drinkers in America and Europe consume over 150 million cups of the brew.  There are different types of coffee based on the coffee seed used in the preparation of the drink.
Before starting the enterprise you need to put a few things into place. To launch your enterprise you need to create a business plan then conduct a feasibility study.
Hire qualified and dedicated staff and consider your overhead expenses. Let’s look at a few ideas on how to open a coffee shop.
How to Run a Successful Coffee Shop
Write a Business Plan
You can hire a professional to write a business plan for your enterprise. Other ways to create a good plan is getting a template online.
The template is only a guide on the formation and parameters you need.  Another method is using live plan software to create a fund-able business plan.
Checkout coffee kiosk business plan, coffeehouse business plans for ideas.
Learn the Business
Before opening the doors to your coffee shop you need to understand the industry. Study your competitors and customer base.
What kind of coffee are you going to serve your customers? Things that affect the price of coffee are international price fluctuations and availability of coffee.
To succeed you need to set a high standard for your operation. Try to Micro-manage your employees for efficiency, high standards and prompt customer service.
Despite the business having a simple template it is demanding and slightly challenging. You need to have a positive attitude despite the daily challenges you face.

Hire Staff
Hiring good dedicated staff that carries your vision is a herculean task. You need staff to mix the brew, waiters, cleaners and cashier. You might hire a driver and an external accountant to balance your books.
Find the Right Location
Finding the right location is very important to the success of your enterprise. Things to look out for are size of shop, environment, nearby buildings.
You need an area with high pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Once you have found your ideal location create a floor plan.
The floor plan should add to the efficiency and running of your establishment. The plan should consider seating arrangement, easy movement of waiters and brew.
Study other successful coffee shops to see how their interior design works. You can design your floor plan using online resources such as autodesk, roomsketcher or floorplanner.
Another way is to hire a freelance or interior decorator. Make sure the external look of your coffee shop is pleasing to attract customers.
Funding your Coffee Shop
Securing startup funds is moderately challenging. You need to apply for a bank loan to start your business.
You need collateral and some personal funds including a business plan.  Fund your business through savings or seek soft loans from friends and family.
Once in operation monitor your cash flow and set aside some money for living expenses. It will take close to nine months before you start turning a profit.
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Create a Spread Sheet
The spread sheet will account for inventory to run your enterprise. Your inventory includes coffeemaker, furniture, coffee seeds and other utilities. It also covers funding and daily expenditure during the setup period.
Permit and License
Join local chamber of commerce and associations in your locality. They provide useful information on marketing trends and prices.
Register your business as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company. Secure insurance and trade license including value added tax.
Market your Coffee Shop
Market your coffee shop through social media channels and classified websites. Offer discounts, coupons and free samples.
Use signage, billboards, posters and flyers to attract patronage. Promote the shop on newspapers and television advertisement. Lastly offer quality product and service to your customers.


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