How to Start a Sewage Treatment Plant Business

By Anthony Appleyard [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Fiscal sewage goes through a sewage treatment plant before onward dispersion. Sewage treatment plants are the last step towards the safe dumping of sewage sucked from or septic tanks.
 Septic tanks and cesspool are part of most building requirements to handle toilet and kitchen waste. The sewage system might go through a central system or large septic tank.
The sewage waste disposal trucks carry the sludge to treatment plants for dumping. There are several ways the treatment plant dumps the sewage after treatment.
The sewage is either dumped in the ocean, river, sea or landfill. Sewage treatment plants are capital intensive and require many permits and licensing.
You also need specialized equipment, safety gear and proper knowledge of the treatment process. Different countries have strict laws guiding waste disposal and waste transportation.
To start your waste treatment plant there are a few things you need to put in place.
How to Start a Sewage Treatment Plant
Fiscal Waste Treatment Plant
You need to hire an expert in fecal waste to guide in procurement of equipment and functionality of your plant.  Once the sewage is deposited or reaches the treatment plant the process begins.
The sand and mud settles in the bottom of the treatment plant while oxygen is introduced to the waste water. Chemicals are then added to remove organic matter including toxins. Once the process is completed the wastewater is released into an ocean, river or stream.
Things to Consider before Starting the Enterprise
There are a few things to consider before setting up your treatment plant. The major challenge is finance to acquire fixed assets and equipment.
Others are obtaining permits and approval from local and state government. It is difficult get permits to run a waste treatment plant.
Register the Waste Treatment Plant
Follow the stringent laws guiding the enterprise. Secure landfill permits, disposal, treatment permits and abide by environmental pollution laws.
The laws are different in each country so hire a consultant. You need building permit, land use permits focused on waste management.
Register your business as a limited liability company and choose a good business name.
Buy Property
There are two ways to start a waste treatment plant. You can lease an existing treatment plant and pay agreed fees.
Another way is to buy a peace of land and build you treatment plant. The landed proper should be located close to a body of water.
The body of water is essential because that is where the waste water is dumped. The water body could be a river, stream or stream.
Before purchasing the land you need to have secured an approval or permits to dump processed sewage into the water.
Once you have secured a land and built your treatment plant its time to make money. Treatment plant business is highly lucrative and you stand to make lots of money.
The plants charge the sewage trucks for each discharge according to the cubic volume of waste they carry. The plants usually have a fixed charge based on volume.
The sewage treatment plant in-turn pays fees to local authority. Another clever way to make money is leasing part of your property to sewage disposal truck companies.
 You can also run your own sewage trucks to increase earnings.
The enterprise is capital intensive so you need adequate funding. Try to approach merchant or commercial financial institutions in your locality for funding.
Secure bank loans or find a core investor. You can sell equity in your startup company or use a partnership arrangement.
You need fixed capital for landed property and building of the treatment plant. Other things that require funds are equipment, chemicals, safety equipment, permit fees and staff wages.
The sewage treatment plant needs moderate marketing to attract haulage companies. Make sure your charges are competitive and fair to truckers.
How to Start a Sewage Disposal Truck Business


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