How to Write a Business Plan for a Petrol Station

The business plan is important when starting a petrol station. The plan provides a comprehensive guide on your company structure and workings.
It covers funding, lease agreements, purchase and estimated cost of stocking the product.  Other considerations are building design, management and staff wages.
 You need to study your competitors, business model and profitability. Don’t forget to write an executive summary and a mission statement.
Describe Product and Services
It is important to describe the products and services you offer. The main services that cut across most stations are selling of petrol to motorists. Other services include diesel sales and selling of kerosene.
More services are vulcanizing tires, restaurant business and fast food outlet. You can introduce a car wash and auto maintenance service.
The additional income source depends on the vision of the entrepreneur. You could add a grocery store, supermarket or mini mart. The major advantage of such added services is increase in profit.
The cost of your products depends on purchase costs and transportation. Factor in startup cost to establish the enterprise including data on competitors.
Other important parameters are target market, products, advantages and disadvantages. The community, vehicular traffic and location are other provision to include in your business plan.
How are you going to differentiate your services from other competitors? Offer your clients added services such as car wash, quality service and prices.
You need to find your competitive advantage to beat your competitors. Selecting an ideal location is very important to your business.
 In your business plan showcase your comparative advantage of situating your business in that community. Focus on business locations such as high ways and intersections.
 Sales and Marketing Strategy
You need to develop a sales and marketing strategy to reach customers. Your business is location specific so you need to encourage patronage. The strategy should include promotions, discounts and reward programs.
You need to erect a billboard, and signs showcasing your prices. You should indicate any franchise agreement, conditions and contractual arrangement.
Engage a lawyer to study the franchise agreement, conditions and commission. Approach franchise operators that offer the best prices and profit making.
Don’t forget staff wages including business structure and work ethics. Your business plan should also provide information on security.
Who Runs your Enterprise?
You need to attract investors by documenting your management team or experience. Hire experts and people with professional expertise. The management team will make or break your establishment.
Startup Cost and Projections
You need to establish future plans and goals. Show growth potential and profitability. Factor utility bills, operational strategy, and equipment. Other cost considerations are permits licensing and franchise agreement.
Calculate anticipated revenue, products and services. Add a mission statement, feasibility study and projections.
Why Write a Business Plan
The business plan is important if you want to secure a bank loan. To secure a bank loan present your business plan, financial statement, and investors.
The bank will ask for collateral to secure the loan. The collateral could be a landed property, house or plot.
Other funding sources to explore are core investor, sale of equity or share structure. To get a comprehensive business plan hire experts.
You need lots of finance to run a petrol station. The funds are used to buy products, permits and real estate.
To apply for a franchise arrangement you need funds. Decide on the type of filling station including services you want to render.
Are you interested in writing a business plan for your petrol station startup checkout the under listed article.


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