Liquid Cold Water Starch Business: How to Start a Cold Water Starch Business

Small medium enterprises are the bedrock of business and commerce in developing countries. They account for a large percent of GDP of such countries.
There are many small manufacturing industries that produce house hold products. They manufacture products such as textile, fashion, food, beverages and ago-chemicals.
 We have home products such as soap, liquid soap, detergents and liquid starch. Starch is commonly used in fabrics to produce a dry rigid sheen.
Cold water starch is used during laundry and is applicable on a small or large scale. Home owners use the product including businesses that do laundry and dry cleaning.
An entrepreneur has many advantages producing the starch such as availability of raw materials and ready market.  With proper management starch production is lucrative.
The major aspects are funding, sourcing the product, market research and price of your product. The amount spent depends on the method used to obtain cold water soluble starch.
To start the business you need to carry out a feasibility study, secure a workshop, source capital and acquire knowledge. Other requirements are proper market analysis, sourcing raw materials and understanding the customer’s needs.
Here are a few business ideas on how to start a liquid cold water starch company.
How to Start a Cold Water Starch Company
Feasibility Study
To launch your enterprise you need to carry out a comprehensive feasibility study. The study should focus on different methods of production and customer base.
 You need a good location, equipment, infrastructure, supplier and marketing strategy. The study covers ways of production, quantity and finding startup capital.
Gather lots of information and statistic through your feasibility study before starting your enterprise. The amount of investment you need depends on the size of your business.
The funds you need depend on many factors such as lease, staff and quantity of raw material. Others are packaging, registration, certification fees, branding and marketing.
Join a cooperative society that provides soft loans to members. Try target save or borrow from friends and family. Other loan sources are micro finance banks and trade banks.
Small home based manufacturers need only moderate funds to start the business. Because the quantity they produce is small, they might not need to register a company.
Register your business as a sole proprietorship and acquire appropriate licensing. Your product will need certification and testing before approval.
There are a few agencies given the statutory powers to certify if a product is fit for consumers. Find out the agencies in your country and apply.
Get insurance and value added tax number. There are also some environmental and safety concerns.
You don’t need a large space to start your production line. A converted garage or small shop will suffice.
Before securing a space you should factor growth potential, storage, more staff and larger equipment. Start your enterprise from home or lease appropriate space.
An advantage when securing a space is closeness to your customers.
Learn the Trade
How are you going to produce your starch if you don’t learn the trade? There are many resources that could help an entrepreneur learn the basics.
Use online resources such as ebooks and websites to gather information. Attend seminars or practical workshops in your area.
There are also trade institutions that offer courses in liquid cold starch production. Another way is to understudy an establishment that produces liquid cold starch.
If you don’t want to go through the stress hire a trained producer to jump start the process.
 Raw Material Needed to Produce Cold Starch
Some of the ingredients needed to make cold water starch are perfume, starch extract, preservative and water. The perfumes you can use include jasmine, lavender and lime. Find the perfume that works for you to provide a unique product.
The main ingredient in cold water starch is starch. Starch is prevalent in many crops and easy to obtain. You find starch in rice, cassava, potato, corn and yam among many other cash crops.
The properties of the type of starch you use impacts on the quality, volume and viscosity. You can purchase starch from the open market, supermarkets or in stores.
Equipment Used in Making Cold Water Starch
The equipment's used in making cold water starch are boiler, mixer, dissolution pot and weighing scale. You need cylindrical stainless steel boilers while the mixer could be fitted with a motorized mixer. Other equipment's are packaging material such as nylons, bottles and cartons.
Methods of Making Cold Water Soluble Starch Products
There are four ways of making cold water soluble starch products. A method is partially hydrolyzed starch with acid and the resultant gelatin dried by passing through heated rolls.
 A second method involves passing moist starch filter cakes between heated rolls and grinding into powder. Another involves enzyme treatment while the last involves oxidization.
Marketing the Cold Water Starch
Sell your products to people in your community and small business owners. Good outlets for your products are hotels, laundry outfits, dry cleaners.
 The market is saturated and you need lots of marketing to reach potential customers. Advertise through online free classified, local publications and flyers. Hire sales representatives to reach out to customers.


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