Liquid Soap Making Business: How to Start a Profitable Liquid Soap Manufacturing Business

We don’t have to tell you the huge economic importance of liquid soap and the various applications. Liquid soap is used in homes, industries, carwash, and commercial kitchens. 
To start your liquid soap business you need to secure funding, do research and have an effective marketing strategy. There are many brands and companies that make the product.
There are different kinds of liquid soap made for different purposes. We have liquid detergents, liquid hand wash, liquid car wash and liquid body wash.
Others are liquid baby wash and liquid dish wash soaps. The chemical composition of most liquid soap is similar with very slight variations and ingredients.
To run your enterprise you need to register your company and obtain local government permits and licensing.
How to Start a Liquid Soap Business
Before you launch your enterprise you need to write a business plan. The plan should cover  different kinds of liquid soap and manufacturing process.
Focus on equipment, sourcing raw materials and marketing strategy. You need to consider expenses and calculate your startup budget.
Other things are locating your business, management team, funding and growth potential. Also include a feasibility study of your community and best niche market.
Study your competitors, pricing and quality of their products. And finally understand your customer’s preference and choice.
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Do Lots of Research
Research the top products in your community and prices. Conduct a targeted survey to understand your customer’s needs. Things to include are staff training, best location for a business premises, price strategy, and sourcing raw materials.
Learn the Trade
Before you start mixing chemicals you need to know what you are doing. Build up your knowledge through manuals, books and online resources.
There are many technical institutions and workshops. You can signup for an apprentice program or practical experience. There are also practical seminars to guide new soap producers.
Register your Business
You need to apply for a trade license and insurance. Obtain a sales tax registration and value added tax.
Your product needs standard organization certifications including safety protocols. Register your business as a one man business or a limited liability company.
Locating your Liquid Soap Business
You need a small factory to start your liquid soap business. The factory should accommodate your equipment.
The number of staff you engage depends on the size of your operation. A small home based liquid soap business can be done by an individual.
Safety is of great importance so you need laboratory equipment such as safety gloves, boots and laboratory coats.
The Product
Decide on the type of liquid detergent you want to produce. Make sure your product is high quality and has competitive pricing.
Common raw materials used in producing liquid soap are soda ash, citric acid and fragrance. Others are aerosol, laurel and other additives.
Packaging Liquid Soap
You need to package your product beautifully to attract patronage. The packages are usually in bottles or plastic containers.
Marketing Liquid Soap
You need intense marketing to get your brand out there. You can do annual sales promotions, offer incentives and branding. Build a website to sell your products.
 Your website should be search engine optimized and easy to navigate. Advertise in local newspapers and radio. Print flyers, posters, business cards and billboards
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