Paper Cup Making: Starting a Paper Cup Manufacturing Business

Paper cups are organic and highly recyclable material. They are disposable and hygienic however they require a clean storage area.
The handy cups are used for the same purposes as glass cups, stainless steel cuts or proclaim cups. Mostly produced from food grade paper the raw materials are easy to source and manipulate.
The demand is high and the business very profitable. The business is easily done small scale or large scale depending on your vision and finance.
Lifestyle changes in eating habits had increase the usage of paper cups. They are mainly used at food, drink and leisure outfits.
 Fast food establishments have added to the popularity of paper cuts. There are a few things to consider before starting a paper cup manufacturing company.  Things to consider include funding, locating your business, equipment and company structure.
Registration and Licensing
Register your business as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company. You need to apply for a trade license and get insurance.
You also need a factory license, and value added tax registration. Other considerations are pollution and environmental issues.
Secure funds from bank loans or target savings. Other fund sources are a partnership arrangement, core investor or sell equity in your startup company.
The funds are needed primarily for factory leasing, machinery, labor costs and raw materials. Present your business plan to any financial institution that provides loan facility.
 Make sure you have adequate collateral and some funds before applying for loans.
Uses of Paper Cups
Paper cups are generally used in the food and drink industry to serve beverages or retain liquid. The cups functionality includes retaining hot or cold liquid.
The cups are used in service centers and bars to serve carbonated water, beer, and fruit juice. Other applications are water dispenser cups in banks and corporate companies.
The cups easily retain coffee, ice cream including sweets and household items. The eco friendly product has many unusual applications which adds to its appeal.
 PE coated paper rolls is the raw material used for paper cups. The PE coated paper is fed to the cutting machine.
 It then proceeds to a forming machine and then the finishing. The cups are then sealed in nylon and packed into cardboard cartoon.
Raw Materials Used to Make Paper Cups
There are three basic materials used in the manufacture of paper cups. The major raw materials are the PE paper roll and Bottom reel.
You will need a packaging material such as nylon and cardboard. Labor requirements are basic such as cutting machine operator, and molding machine operator.
Other staffs you need are in the packaging department and drive for transportation. You can hire casual staff to do sales marketing, sales department staff and a security guard.
Paper Cup Manufacturing Process
The manufacturing of paper cups go through three stages. The manufacturing process involves the molding of the sidewall then the bottom. The cup is per-heated, and curled. The equipment used for the production is either fully automated or semi automated.
Machines Used in the Manufacturing of Paper Cups
Machinery needed include the automatic paper cup forming machine and cutting machine.  Other machinery used in the process are counting and packaging machine. Major considerations are adequate storage, transportation, sourcing raw materials.
Machines Needed to Produce Paper Cups
A list of machines needed to manufacture paper cups
·         Packaging Machine
·         Cutting  Machine
·         Forming Machine
·         Counting Machine
·         Nylon Sealing Machine
Paper cups are mass consumable items and are used daily. They have a steady market and are easily sold in the open market.
You can sell your cups to wholesalers and retailers. Other market sources are restaurants, fast food establishments, hotels, food canteens. They also use them in offices, educational institutes, health clubs and organized events.
List of Places to Sell your Paper Cups
·         Organized Events
·         Restaurants
·         Companies
·         Food canteens
·         Educational institutions
·         Supermarkets
·         Homes
·         Hotels
·         Coffee shops
Write a business plan and feasibility study to guide your enterprise. seek startup funds and invest in equipment and leasing factory space. Budget your cost of production, marketing and overhead for profitability.
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