Pineapple farming Business Ideas: How to Grow Pineapples

Pineapples are native to the tropics however they are found in many countries. They grow rapidly in ideal conditions and different soil compositions.
They are tough, rugged and easy to plant. The fruit is delicious and has many industrial applications. You can eat the fruits raw, juiced, or processed.
The plant has a dense structure, prickly leaves and shallow roots. The fruit grows in the center of the leaves and after harvesting grows a sucker.
To grow they require minimalist care and maintenance. You can grow pineapple in pots, garden and farm land.
Since pineapple plants reproduce through suckers that replace harvested fruits the process is easily repeated on harvest. Farmers also replace plants after several years for better yield.
How Start a Pineapple Farm
You need lots of money to start a pineapple farm. Pineapples are highly sort after crops and the attract premium prices. There are a few things you need to know before launch your enterprise.
Secure commercial bank loans or join cooperatives that facilitate loans for members. Use target savings, seek a core investor or form a partnership.
Secure Land for the Farm
You need a large parcel of land to successfully farm pineapples. Property designated as agricultural land is usually cheaper than urban dwellings.
Acquire your farm land from rural farmers, indigenous people, government, and private individuals. On your land you need a processing house and storage facility.
You need to transport your products either packaged or harvested. You can buy a truck or use a haulage company to transport your goods. Your farm also needs some type of registration or incorporation.

Things to know About Pineapple
Pineapples are tough hardy plants that require very little water. They grow in different soil compositions and quality.
They posses shallow roots and get most of their nutrition through their specialized leaves. They get water, nutrients through leaves, favor slightly acidic soil and grow nicely in pots.
Avoid the use of synthetic fertilizers or soil components that are soggy or waterlogged. They like the sun and don’t grow well in frosty climate.
How to Grow Pineapples
Farmers grow pineapple from crowns, suckers or slips. Unlike many plants pineapples don’t grow from seeds.
There are three stages of growth very young plants, mature plant then fruiting plant. It takes one year for flowering to occur and about seven months after flowering. The entire period is about 2 years from planting to harvesting.
Planting and Sourcing Pineapple Suckers
A pineapple farmer can source suckers from other farmers or the open market. There are many research institutes that sell suckers to farmers.
You could mix composite into the soil before planting pineapple. Plant the dry suckers in a narrow hole with the pineapple placed upright and straight.
Allow enough space between each pineapple to accommodate the growth, width and height. They grow as much as a meter in width and height.
Although they like sun a little shade is preferable, water occasionally and make sure there is very little evaporation. Make sure there is adequate drainage of excess water to prevent nutritional loss.
Don’t use concentrated or artificial fertilizer because this will be counter productive. If you want to introduce fertilizer use liquid fertilizer.
 Spray the diluted liquid fertilizer on the pineapple leaves for better effect. Focus on organic solutions to improve your farm yield.
Suckers take about 18 months to fruit while harvesting is done 24 months depending on the climate, species and farmer. Once the fruit is matured and turn yellow it is ready to be harvested. To benefit as a pineapple farmer you need a large expanse of land and many plants.
Sell your produce to local market or international buyers. Advertise your company in newspapers and television. Build a professional looking website and include prices, drop shipping.
Large manufacturing companies use pineapple in some of their products. Get contracts from such sources and maintain high quality products. Don’t forget your local market women and stalls. 
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