Plantain Framing Business Ideas: How to Start a Plantain Plantation

Plantains are predominantly found in the tropics and have high commercial value. Plantain is eaten raw, fried, roasted, grilled, baked and boiled.
The fruit is added into food types or used in manufacturing companies.  It is similar to banana, has low starch and easy to grow. It attracts both local and international markets and has huge startup capital.
Understand the basics of farming plantain including marketing your product. The health benefits of plantain include dietary fiber, lots of vitamin C and starch.
Other nutritional benefits are vitamin B-complex, iron, magnesium and energy.
How to Start a Plantain Farming Business
Do some research before starting your plantain plantation. The plants grow in particular climatic conditions and soil requirements. plantain needs lots of water and there a different varieties. Find out the verity that grows best in your locality. study your competitors and learn both the business aspect and growth requirements.
Write a Business Plan
write a comprehensive business plan to cover all aspects of the business. make sure your plan covers funding, growth potential, labor costs and management structure.
 Financial Considerations
It requires lots of financing to start a plantain farm. The farm needs lots of landed space, equipment's and marketing structure.
Due to the huge capital involvement for commercial farms you need startup loan. Go to an agricultural bank and apply for a loan to finance your enterprise.
You need to have collateral and about 1/3 of initial investment. The bank will ask for your business plan, company registration.
Provide information such as management structure and share holders. Other requirements are opening a checking account and proof of profitability.
Secure funds from partnership agreements or through a core investor. You can sell startup equity in your business or fund through target saving. The amount of money you need depends on the size of your plantation.
Organic Farming Business Ideas
Register your farm as a limited liability company with your corporate affairs commission. This is important because it gives your farm a corporate identity and helps when applying for loans.
Find out the type of insurance you need and tax considerations. You need a trade permit and follow other environmental laws that apply to your country.
Purchase Land
To launch your plantain farming business you need to purchase land. The land should be suitable for agriculture, and devoid of pollutants.
The best environmental conditions include good irrigation and soil management. Others are good climatic conditions and weeding.
Once you have secured good land you need to clear the field. Clearing involves removing unwanted bush, trees, weeds, and stones.
Clearing allows the plantain grow faster without competing with other crops for nutrients. Use either mechanized equipment such as diggers, tillers or manual had tool like rakes, hoes, diggers or cutlass.
Plantain farmers require proper management to get the best results. Hire casual but skilled labor to prepare the land, water and weed the farm.
Things to Consider
Plantain grows best in the right soil composition and they need lots of water. To succeed you need to factor labor costs, manpower, equipment and funding. Other considerations are sourcing your plantain suckers and time management.
Buying your Plantain Suckers
Plantains grow through propagation by producing suckers. Buy quality suckers from reputable farmers in your community.
Buy maiden head or sword suckers for better results. Water sucker produce less fruits and weaker plants.
Another source is an institute of agricultural research and online sources. When planting make sure you provide adequate space between each tree.
The plants need lots of water so provide an effective irrigation system. Use good compost and organic manure to fertilize the soil. Fertilize the soil appropriately and seek advice from established plantain farmers.
Harvesting the Crop
Plantain produce bunched fruits seasonally and they come in various sizes. Plantain stalk starts buckling under the strain of the heavy fruits so provide good support. Support the steams with wood or bamboo to keep them upright.
The market for plantain is robust and has a ready market. The product attracts good prices and is a delicacy in some countries.
Sell your produce to grocery wholesalers or retailers. Approach supermarkets and sell to individuals and market women.


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