PVC Pipe Manufacturing Business: How to Start a Small PVC Manufacturing Business

PVC pipes are used in the construction industry. The polyvinyl Chloride pipes have many other applications for home use such as garden pipes, column pipes, electrical conduits and plumbing pipes.
They come in different sizes, shapes, colors and functionality. PVC pipes are favored because they provide a low cost, non-corrosive method of installation.
Other notable features are its high tensile strength, easy installation, insulation and pressure resistance. They are rugged, easy to transport and safe to handle.
The pipes are made by combining two elements vinyl and plastic. Commercial pipes are also used in waste management because they are extremely durable and heat resistant.
Registration and License for your PVC Pipe Business
Register your business as a limited liability company. Then obtain a trade license, insurance and tax identification number.
Other permits include ISO certification, Trademark registration, and Quality control certification. You need to put in place some pollution measures and vat registration. Find out all the requirements before starting your PVC enterprise.
Different types of PVC Pipes
There are different types of PVC pipes that carry out different functions. They are made in different sizes, strengths, dimensions and functions. Listed below are a few PVC pipes you might recognize.
ΓΌ         Polyurethane pipes 
         Recycled PVC pipes 
         PTF Lined pipes
      UPVC Pressure Pipes  
      Flexible Pipes  
      UPVC Column Pipes 
        PVC Plumbing Pipes
      Water Supply Pipes
      Waste Pipes
      Composite Pipes  
      HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe
      UPVAgricultural Irrigation Pipes
      Sprinkler Pipes
PVC Pipes Equipment
The major equipment you need is high speed mixers and rigid pipe extruder. The extruder should have a cooling tank, vacuum sizing and screw extruder.
You also need a scraper with a heavy duty fitted electric motor. The production process involves different sizes of dyes, weight balance, and over head storage tanks and recycles pumps.
Other equipments are specific gravity lead, testing apparatus, oven, pipe storage, and grease.
List of Equipment
·      Rigid pipe extruder  
      Recycle pumps
    Overhead tanks 
      High speed mixers
    Different dyes  
    Storage facility
    Cooling tank  
    Screw extruder 
      Weighing machine
     Hand tools
·     Different test equipment
Preparing PVC Pipe Ingredients
The process of manufacturing PVC pipes involves the bonding of chloride with vinyl. They use polymerization to mix chemicals including an initiator.
The resin is suspended in water and degassed using a centrifuge. This produces a granulated dust substance which is heated, melted and molded into a solid object.
Stabilizers are used during processing while additives like color are introduced. The extruded layers are divided into the cellular core, hard outer layer and central core.
These modifications are incorporated to form the PVC pipe. Learn how to make PVC pipes from books, online resources, and seminars.
Buy tutorials and also gain practical experience. Join workshops or training institutions for better knowledge of the manufacturing process.
Basically PVC pipes are made with a molten mixture, shaped into a cast
The Manufacturing Process
Here are a various things you need during the manufacturing process
·      Plasticizers
·      Stabilizers
·      Filters
·      Sizing
·      Traction
·      Cutting
Quality Control
Proper quality management and control is important to the success of your enterprise. Quality tests include tensile strength, seal and durability of groove sections.
Study the techniques used by established PVC pipe companies to test their products. Your product needs to pass the standard organization tests and certification before you introduction it to the market.
The major market for PVC products is the construction industry. They need PVC for electrical fittings, general construction, water management and sewage.
Other sectors that require pipes are home use, agricultural sector for tube wells and spray irrigation. The pipes are used for drainage and water channeling.
You need an effective marketing strategy to reach customers. You can network with wholesalers and retailers in your area.
Sell online through classified advertisements. Use yellow pages and directories to inform potential clients. And offer competitive prices and high quality products.
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