Sanitary Pad Business Ideas: How to Start a Sanitary Pad Business

Every woman at one stage of her life needs sanitary pads. Because they are used regularly such pads have a huge market base.
It is highly competitive and there are a lot of major players. The business is very profitable however it requires adequate planning.
To create pads that make profit and are in high demand you need quality products. There is no substitute for quality so keep that in mind.
Another strategy is to offer competitive prices to attract patronage. Pricing, quality and effective branding is the simple formula to success. Here are a few steps on how to start your sanitary pad business.
How to Start a Sanitary Pad Business
Do Lots of Research
The sanitary pad business is highly saturated and difficult to penetrate. This is because of the huge profitability and market base.
You need to research your locality and host community. To strategies organize surveys and gender mapping of your area.
In the survey you need to establish age group of women in your area including shopping habits. You need to find out their favorite pad manufacturers, shape, sizes and designs.
Study your competitors by observing their marketing strategy, product and company structure. Test favorite products to discover why they have many customers.
To succeed you need to understand your customer’s needs, price specification and quality. The research could also focus on public opinion, production techniques and new trends.
Learn the Trade
The trade covers both the business aspect as well as the manufacturing process. The scale and scope of your enterprise including the production process are factors to consider.
You need to understand the production process or hire a consultant. There are many resources available to entrepreneurs eager to learn the production process.
You can take online courses, read books or get practical training. Other ways are through seminars and apprentice programs.
Suggestion: Why not buy a high quality pad and open it up to see how it’s made.
How to make reusable sanitary pads
Register your Business
Register your business either as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company. Select a good business name and get insurance.
You also need a catchy brand name for your product. Patent the product and brand name to safeguard an original design and product.  
Secure a trade permits and other licensing from you local authorities. You might need a personal identification tax number and value added tax
Locating your Sanitary Pad Business
You can buy or lease property to start your sanitary pad business. You need a small warehouse to produce the pads.
Make sure your factory space can accommodate the manufacturing and packaging process. You might also need a storage facility and bus for transport.
Apart from your factory space you need an office to coordinate the running f your enterprise. The office handles orders, shipment, sourcing of raw material and marketing.
Make sure your factory is located close to the source of raw material and customers.
You need a receptionist, a secretary, factory works such as machine operator and packaging. You need at least a bus driver to transport both raw materials and finished products.
Other staffs are marketers, management staff, cleaner and security.
The Sanitary Pad Product
Make sure your final product goes through sampling and quality control. The secret to success is producing high quality products at reasonable competitive prices.
Before your pads are approved for the market they need certification with products standard test. Find out the government organization in charge of such testing in your country.
To differentiate your product it needs the branded name and logo. Get a graphic designer to create a beautiful logo for your product.
Packaging Sanitary Pads
Develop a one month package to accommodate any woman. The recommended pieces should be between 8-10 pads in an attractive package.
Make your package very attractive and irresistible to customers. You need every edge possible to beat large manufacturers.
Marketing Sanitary Pads
Launch an effective marketing strategy to reach customers in your locality. Print posters, billboards, handbills and complementary cards.
Advertise in newspapers and gender issue magazines. Use television advertisement and radio programs.
Offer your customers incentives and promotional deals. Create fun interactive programs and bonanzas.
Create a website and add a shopping cart including images and description of your pads. Ship your goods through drop shipment, courier services or posts deliveries.
Reach out to supermarkets, pharmacies, wholesalers, local stores and retailers. Secure bank loans, partnership agreements or target savings to raise funds for your business.


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