Sewage Sludge Waste Disposal Truck Business

Sewage waste disposal business is a highly lucrative business venture. Despite the smelly nature of the job it has made some smart entrepreneurs supper rich.
There are two sides to the coin, operating a small sewage treatment plant or operating a sewage disposal truck. They are both highly profitable and capital intensive.
Home owners, industry and companies need some sort of sewage disposal system. There are basically three types of sewage disposal systems used to contain and dispose fecal waste.
The disposal methods are septic tank, cesspool and small sewage treatment plant. The small sewage treatment plant is the most effective method used by companies and homes.
A sewage treatment plant is mechanized to process the sewage into liquid and further dispersion into a river or flowing stream. The septic tank is the most common methods used in homes.
The system is an underground tank where solid waste is gathered, sinks to floor and liquid expelled into a large cesspool or cesspit.
The septic tank may contain three chamber systems where the solid sinks and becomes sewage sludge at the bottom of the tank. The sludge is what the septic trucks remove to avoid overflowing.
The septic truck sucks up the sewage and deposits into a sewage treatment plant. Cesspools are effective to store sewage because they are water tight tanks.
The main disposal method is through sewage trucks.
septic truck
By Mr.choppers (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons
Discharge and Sewage Effluence Treatment
Packaged treatment plants use microorganisms to breakdown sewage. Treated effluence is then discharge according to government regulations bidding the business.
The treated effluence is discharged into the sea, river, stream, sewer, surface or ground water. The sewage truck transfers the effluence to treatment plants for onward journey.
Things to Consider before Starting Sewage Transportation Company
There are a few things to consider before starting the business. You need permits and approval from regulatory bodies before starting the enterprise.
You also need to decide on the cubic meters per day of domestic sewage you haul. The business entails discharge fees paid to septic treatment plants.
Others are local government levies and fees. Your business is bound by strict compliance to waste disposal and management rules.
Register the Business Waste Disposal Haulage Business
Register the business as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company. There are stringent laws and permits binding the enterprise.
You need a local government permit to carry sewage. Permits and licensing differ in each country therefore find out what is obtainable in your locality.
Discharge sewage trucks need different discharge forms depending on the cubic meters per day. You have the standard rules permit to discharge or an SPZ1 form. Other permits might include environmental permits, and waste management license.
Lease a Property
You need an office location outside residential dwellings. The best location is close to a sewage treatment and disposal unit. The property should have ample space for your trucks and a small administrative building.
Buy the Sewage Truck
There are different types of sewage trucks however they perform the same function. The sewage truck is a vacuum truck that consists of a heavy duty vacuum.
 The rotary vane vacuum pump sucks up the sludge and stores in the tank. The pump mount is either direct belt drive or powered by the tucks motor.
The general purpose is to transport fecal sludge to treatment plants. The truck is effective in handling septic, latrine and cesspool systems.
There are different brand based on their capacity and manufacturers. Sewage trucks are expensive so you need adequate funding. Buy either a new, refurbished, locally fabricated or old vacuum truck.
Sewage disposal truck companies are bound by union regulations. The price of collecting fecal sludge although regulated depends on the size of the septic tank.
Apart from the few local government levies, the truck pays disposal fees to treatment plants.
Funding the Sewage Transportation Business
Write a comprehensive business plan and carry out a feasibility study. Apply for a bank loan and present your business plan.
The bank needs collateral and guarantors before processing your loan. Other ways is to find a core investor or sell equity in your business to get funding. Target save or try micro-finance banks or small financial institutions.
Marketing the Sewage Transportation Business
Advertise your business in your local newspaper or community press. Use a billboards or signage boards for people to locate your company.
Print lots of complementary cards for clients.  You can approach estate developers, estate managers and private home owners.
Sewage truck waste disposal business is highly lucrative and has a simple business format. The major challenge is funding and securing different permits and licensing. Other difficulties are reaching your customer base and a reputable treatment plant.


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