Starting a Corrugated Package Box Manufacturing Business

Manufactured goods require adequate packaging. This singular need has opened up a niche industry.
Corrugated boxes are used for different packaging needs and the come in different sizes and designs.  The package box industry is a medium to large industry that requires heavy machinery.
The boxes have many applications in the fashion industry, manufacturing and home use.  The versatile material is tough, lightweight and a good storage item.
Apart from different shapes, colors and dimensions they are Eco-friendly and bio-degradable.  The thickness of the board determines its functionality and tensile strength.
Common products that required packaging are silverware, home appliances, laundry products, and pharmaceuticals. Corrugated cardboard's are made from Kraft paper commonly used for packaging boxes.
Things you need to launch your enterprise are registration, funding and equipment. Others are skilled labor, location and raw materials.
Start a Tissue Paper Making Company
Understand the Manufacturing Process
Before you invest in corrugated box making you need to understand the manufacturing process.  Acquire knowledge from an industrial training institution or vocational centers.
Another way is to hire a personal coach to teach the production process. Visit a packaging company and learn the practicable application.
Read publications related to the industry or work in the industry. A manufacturing consultant will provide the details on how to make corrugated boxes.
Other ways are attending seminars and workshops in box making.
You need huge sums to start your box manufacturing enterprise. The funds are predominately needed for fixed assets such as production machinery, factory leasing.
Other considerations are cost of raw materials, transportation costs and labor. To sell your boxes you need contractual agreements and networking with industrialists.
Secure funds from bank loans and target savings. Find a core investor or sell startup equity in your business.
Business Plan
You need a comprehensive business plan and feasibility study. Study the different types of machinery available in the market.
Discover a ready source of raw material and cost of production. Your plan should accommodate quality control, marketing and management structure. Factor cost of machinery, initial expenditure, fixed and working capital.
You need a medium to large space to accommodate your factory and administrative office. The ideal location for your factory is close to the source of raw material.
Locate your industry outside urban areas or in rural communities. The only major requirement for an ideal location is good roads, adequate water and electrical supply.
Licensing Package Box Production Company
You need a trade license to operate, including environmental pollution strategy. Other permits and licenses are insurance, value added tax and land use charges.
Register your enterprise as a limited liability company and select a good business name. The business name should reflect your core business function.
Find out all the licenses required to start your industry from your chambers of commerce.
Corrugated Packaging Pox Manufacturing Process
The entire process starts from pulping wood chips through a Kraft process. The tree trunk is the raw material used in making corrugated cardboard.
The preferred tree for the process of Kraft paper is the pine tree. Once the truck is harvested goes through sulfate process and broken down to fibrous pulp.
The Kraft rolls are then feed to into a Corrugators machine. The machine is massive and only found in large manufacturing outfits.  
The Kraft paper undergoes heat, pressure and glue processing. This produces a continuous sheet of cardboard called box blanks.
The cardboard is then cut into wide box blanks according to template design. Other processes are applied such as cutting, gluing and printing.
It is possible for a small business owner interested in producing corrugated package boxes to source the cardboard's. Once this is done they cut according to their template, apply glue and print label.
Raw Materials for Package Box Manufacturing
The raw materials used for package box manufacturing are Kraft paper rolls, tons of glue and corn starch. Others are water, paraffin wax, colored inks, dies. The dies are print patterns used in the cutting of the box shape.
List of Raw Materials
·         Pine Tree
·         Kraft Paper
·         Corn Starch
·         Powdered Glue
·         Wax
·         Paraffin Water
·         Printing patterns
·         Colored inks
Package Box Machinery
Common machinery used includes the flexo wax coating machines and die-cutting machines. Good quality control methods are necessary to determine the quality of the Kraft paper. Box blanks are carefully feed into the flexo machine to get the right consistency.
A list of Packaging Box Manufacturing Machinery
·         Corrugators
·         Flexo Machine
·         Die- Cutting Machine
·         Gluing Machine
·         Printing Machine
Marketing your Corrugated Packaging Box
Your major customers are industrial manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. Once you are able to establish a supply contract you will make money.
Find out your clients needs and box specification. To attract customers offer competitive prices and quality product.
Use advertisement in electronic and print media to reach customers. Your service delivery and product design is important to the success of the enterprise.


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