Tissue Paper Making Business: How to Start a Tissue Paper Manufacturing Business

Start your tissue manufacturing business by writing a business plan. Learn the trade and secure investment funds for your enterprise.
Tissue paper is a highly consumable good attracting a huge market.  To launch your enterprise you need technical knowledge of the manufacturing process and skilled labor. 
Other provisions involve sourcing raw materials, factory location, and marketing.  
Different types of Tissue Paper
There are different types of tissue paper to produce. We have the toilet tissue paper, facial tissue, tissue napkins and paper towels.
To start the business focus on a particular niche and specialize. Promote your tissue paper through product branding and packaging.
Learn the Business
Understanding the operational procedures and raw materials is very important. Learn the trade through practical experience or an apprentice program.
Build your knowledge though online resources, publication and books. Attend seminars and buy manuals to learn the trade.
Write a Business Plan
You need to prepare a good business plan for the enterprise. The business plan focuses on the manufacturing process and machinery.
The guide provides insight on funding, product choice and company structure. The business plan should have objectives, mission, company summary and startup cost.
 Some parameters are product, market segmentation, market analysis. Others are competitors, sales strategy, management summary, staff and marketing strategy.
Study your competitors and startup cost considerations. The research should provide a comparative and competitive edge. Your research might dwell in profit, loss, projected income, gross monthly margin and break through analysis.
Funding For Tissue Paper Production
Tissue paper production is capital intensive based on the type of machinery and equipment.  You also have to consider factory location, lease agreements and utility bills.
 You can approach a bank for loans or get an investor. Another way to secure startup funds is to sell equity in the business.
Tissue Paper Making Company Registration
To run a small tissue manufacturing company you need registration. Although you can register your business as a sole proprietorship it is better as a limited liability company.
There are many advantages to registering your company as an LLC. Banks prefer dealing with LLC and your company can bid for huge contracts.
 You need a good business name and domain name. Secure a trade license from your local government including a factory license to operate.
Study the pollution control requirements, permits, and sales tax recommendations. You need insurance cover and value added tax.
Locate your business in an industrial area or a populated urban center. The location could be close to the source of raw material or customers. You can purchase or lease landed property for your factory.
Raw Material
The main raw material used in making tissue paper is core paper and jumbo reels. Others are wrapping paper, glue and cellophane. You also need to consider labor requirements, safety gear and utilities.
Production of Tissue Paper
To produce tissue paper wood pulp is processed, blended then crushed. The pressure on the press move determines the thickness of the tissue paper.
The next step is called creping which is the drying stage. Meanwhile a cutter edge rubs the tissue to desired thickness. To achieve the desired length it goes through a reeling and cutting machine.
Toilet Tissue Paper Production Plant
Tissue paper manufacturing isn’t complicated however you need specialized equipment.  The equipment is either locally fabricated or imported.
Common machinery used is cutting machine and band saw machine. Another machine is the toilet roll jumbo reeling machine.
it is possible to lease equipment for the production of tissue paper. However using this method isn’t economically sound business strategy. Try very hard to purchase your own machines for your production line.
Machinery and Equipment
The main machineries used in tissue paper production are listed below.
1.    Brand Saw Machine
2.    Jumbo Reel Winding Machine
3.    Core Gluing Machine
4.    Cutting Machine

Toilet Tissue Production Business Plan
A comprehensive business plan has an executive summary, business description and technical analysis. It should have a market overview, business strategy and organizational structure.
The financial report contains financial request, repayment plan and revenue projections. Make sure your business strategy focuses on corporate objective, SWOT analysis and marketing plan.
Other reviews include type of machinery, plant size, accommodation, labor requirements and sourcing raw materials.
Business Plan
1.    Executive Summary
2.    Business Description
3.    Technical Analysis
4.    Opportunity
5.    Business Strategy
6.    Operational Model
7.    Financial Plan
Tissue paper has a huge market that involves industry, domestic and commercial applications. It is used in restaurants, fast food outlets, offices and homes. Use sales representatives to reach customers and offer high quality product.
Promote your product through advertisements both online and offline. Advertise using electronic and print media for a wider reach. Do promotions, special offers and discounts to attract patronage.
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