10+ Profitable Flour Based Production Business Ideas

There are different types of grains and nuts used to make flour. Flour is an important ingredient in baking, frying, grilling and cooking certain food.
It is the primary ingredient in many fast foods such as meat pies, fish rolls, pancakes, shawarma and sausage rolls. Others are cakes, bread, biscuits and scotch eggs. Grains include berries, red wheat, white wheat, maize, corn and oats.
Each type of flour has its own characteristics such as smoothness, softness, rough or rubbery. The composition of the flour is determined by the additives grain, brand, and endosperm.
Flour production is very lucrative and attracts good returns on investment. You need to buy high performance grinders, secure funding and apply good packaging.
Other considerations are locating the enterprise, installation of machinery and permits. Write a flour production business plan and feasibility study.
To start a flour making business register your enterprise either as a one man business or limited liability company. Here are 10 small flour processing business ideas.
10+ Profitable Flour Based Production Business Ideas
1. Oat Flour
Oat flour is easy to make, affordable and has lots of applications. The gluten free, rich fiber powder is used to make cookies, bread, muffins and pancakes. Organic flour is also nutritious has a good blended consistency.
2 Bread Flour
You get the bleached and unbleached bread flour. Bread flour has high gluten content than oat flour. Bread flour is best flour for producing yeast breads. And the flour is a lot like all-purpose flour in constitution.
3 Whole Wheat Flour
Whole wheat flour is produced by using the entire endosperm, germ and bran. Whole wheat is full flavored, used in combination with unbleached and bleached flour. Whole wheat flour is ideal for bread making.
4Pastry Flour
Pastry flour is common to snacks and fast foods. It has low level of protein and lots of starchy content.
The protein content depends on the method of production and ingredients. Pastry flour has finer grains than all-purpose wheat.
5 White Whole Wheat Flour
Gluten content in white whole flour is less than red wheat.  It is produced from hard white spring wheat and has an unusual taste and flavor.
Blending with other wheat increases its nutrients and applications. Whole wheat bread is popular a derivative of white whole wheat and attracts premium price. You find white whole wheat in supermarkets, stores and bakery shops.
6 Semolina
Semolina is used in many recipes such as puddings, pasta and cereals. The wheat is coarse and processed by separating the endosperm from the germ and bran.
 Semolina is also a generic name for non wheat flour. Common dishes made from semolina are semolina pudding and porridge. Semolina is also boiled and eaten in some African countries
7 Self Rising Flour
Self rising flour is simply flour with baking powder added to the mix. Another ingredient introduced in self rising flour is salt.
Both ingredients are mixed evenly in the powdery flour. When heated the self rising flour does its magic.
8 Cake Flour
Cake flour has low protein content, high in starch and unhealthy if consumed in excess. To produce cake flour purchase a good grinder and source raw materials. You can produce flour from home or lease a shop.
9 Wheat Flour
Wheat flour is used for pastry, pasta and bread making. It is loaded with vitamins and gluten.
Producers of wheat flour determine the ingredients and structure of the powder. Wheat flour is perhaps the most popular of the lot and attracts high patronage.Wheat Flour Business
10 Other Flour Products
There are many more flour based products. Some flour products are plain flour, bleached flour, bromated flour instant flour and enriched flour.
To sell your flour products try networking with grocery wholesalers and retailers in your locality. Advertise in electronic and print media to reach customers. Build a website and sell your products through online channels.


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