30 Profitable Low Cost Small Manufacturing Business Ideas

The engine room of most countries is the small medium enterprise. Manufacturing is very important to the development of any nation.
There are hundreds of low cost, small manufacturing business ideas for investors. The sector is huge and covers different industries such as beauty, chemicals, cloths and textile.
There are various electrical appliances, food, beverages and home based products. Other opportunities include leather products, herbal products, paper, polymer and plastic products.
The good news is that most products are produced both large scale and small scale. Are you interested in going into manufacturing then here are a few low cost manufacturing business ideas.
1.Staple Pin Making Business
Staple pin making business is moderately lucrative and simple. All you need is the automated pin making machine and a good source of galvanized aluminum.
To run the enterprise you need space, company registration and trade license. Other things are good packaging and an effective marketing strategy.
Major consumers of staple pins are public and private schools. Other patrons are government establishments and corporate offices. Establish a staple pin business
2.Sun Flower oil Production
Sunflower is an edible extract used as dietary supplements, and refined diesel. The oil is used for frying and cooking meals.
The oil extraction process involves oil refining, solvent extraction and pressing. The product attracts good price in the market and is a premium brand.
Sell you packaged products to supermarkets, restaurants, market women. To launch your enterprise write a business plan and do a comprehensive feasibility study. How to start a Sunflower production company
3.Tomato Processing Business
Tomato is one of the most used items in preparation of many dishes worldwide. It has a lot of economic value and the sector is a huge employer of labor.
Tomato farmers sell directly to commodity wholesalers or manufacturers. Tomato manufactures are one of the major consumers.
They process tomato into different products such as ketchup, puree, tomato juice and tomato paste. The products are hugely popular attracting large number of customer.
Tomato processing is very lucrative however the success of the enterprise depends on the quality of the product. Read More
4.Vinegar Manufacturing Business
Vinegar is used in salad dressing, food preservation and medicine. It is made from different types of products such as palm, honey, beer, white wine, apple and cider.
The production process goes through fermentation to achieve the desired consistency. Different flavors are introduced into the vinegar and are either fruit or herbal derivatives.
An entrepreneur interested in starting a vinegar production company needs to find adequate supply of raw ingredient to use in the manufacture. Other considerations are location, learning the methodology of vinegar making and proper packaging including marketing.
5.Office File Manufacturing
Office file are used in arrange and store important documents. It requires moderate funding, simple equipment and small space.
The manufacturing process for office file is simple and easy to learn. The manufacturer could decide to use recyclable material and aluminum fasteners during the production.   
The readily available sources of raw material and the finished product have a good market. However you need strong, colorful and well designed products including a good customer base.
Sell your finished products in schools, companies and government offices. Learn the manufacturing process of file making such as creasing, cutting, trimming, punching and setting eyelets.
Purchase a reputable brand that offers durability and quality files. To reach customers you need a good marketing team and efficient service delivery. Office file making business
6.Liquid Soap Manufacturing Business
There are many uses of liquid soap in homes, hospitals, hotels and restaurants. The sector is hugely competitive due to the proliferation of huge brands in the market.
There are different types of liquid soap such as detergents, car wash and body wash. Important things to learn is the production process, equipment and pricing. Others are branding, marketing and packaging the product.
7.Liquid Cold Water Starch
The major advantage of producing liquid starch is the availability of raw materials. Starch is obtainable from many food crops and easy to produce.
 The raw materials needed for starch making are starch extract, perfume, preservatives and water.  Equipment needed is boiler, mixer and scale.
8.Bottled Water Business
Many countries have many harmful agents in the main tap water. This makes it unsuitable for drinking and an alternative is needed.
Water is essential to life and we consume massive amounts of the liquid daily. Water is bottled or sealed in sachet nylon.
The business is very lucrative because of the high demand. Are you interested in bottled water business here is an article on Starting a bottled Water Business.
9.Soap Production
Soap is always in high demand from medicated soaps, herbal soap, aromatic soap to hand soaps. To start a small soap making enterprise you need to learn how to make soap. Make sure you purchase the right equipment to complement the size and scope of your enterprise. Read More.
10.Toothpick Production Company
Toothpick is used in restaurants, homes, canteens, fast-food outlets and hotels. The machinery used in making the product is fully or semi-automatic.
There are two types of toothpick made from plastic or wood. Some equipment needed in the production of toothpicks is scrap grinding machine and dry color mixer. Others are moulds, polishing machines and scale. Read More
11.PVC Pipe Manufacture
Polyvinyl pipes are made in different colors, sizes and functionality. The pipes you manufacture should have tensile strength and easily replaceable.
The business is capital intensive and is done large and small scale. Some PVC pipes include flexible pipes, UPVC Lined pipes and PVC plumbing pipes. Read More
12.Home Made Candle Business
Candles perform the functions of electricity and illuminate our environment. Making candles is easy however your need adequate knowledge of the production process.
There are different types of candles such as beeswax, pillar candles and container candles. Sell your products to private individuals, stores, and local markets. Read More
13.Sanitary Pad Manufacturing
High quality sanitary pads attract premium prices. Focus on shape, size and design of your sanitary pads. Learn the trade, buy good equipment, rent space and develop an effective marketing strategy.
14.Exercise Book Manufacturing
To manufacture exercise books you need lots of bond paper. Equipment includes disc ruling machine, stitching machine, cutting and offset printer. There is a steady market for the product in bookshops, private and public schools.
15.Coconut Milk Powder Production
The coconut palm tree is a wonder plant. This is because every aspect of the tree has home and industrial applications.
The tree produces between 60-179 coconuts per tree and lives very long. Once the tree is established it is rugged durable and has serious economic value.
The major obstacle is finding suitable land for your palm trees. To produce desiccated coconut powder get a fresh coconut white, pass through an extruding machine. How to make Coconut Milk Powder.
16.Coconut oil Production Business
Coconut oil is produce through the wet milling or dry milling process.  The level of refinement depends on the final product you want. Write a coconut oil business plan and carry out a feasibility study. Read More
17.Tissue Paper Production
There are different types of tissue paper products available in the open market. Some tissue paper products are facial tissue, tissue napkins and toilet rolls.
The first step to launching the enterprise is learning the basics. Understand the production method, source of raw materials and machinery needed for the operation. Read More
18.Paper Cup Making Business
Paper cups are popular in parties and open bars. They are recyclable, eco friendly and easy to manufacture.
Some equipment needed to manufacture paper cups are cutting machine, packaging machine, and forming machine. There is a large market for paper cups and paper made products learn more on how to make paper cups.
19.Paper Bag Making
Because of the toxic nature of nylon bags, paper bags are gaining popularity. It is light weight, recyclable and cost efficient.
Paper bags come in various designs colors and dimensions. To successful produce paper bags register your enterprise, get funding and do market research. Other things to consider are cost of machines, labor cost and effective marketing strategy. How to produce paper Bags
20.Envelop Manufacturing
Envelops are produced from different materials. There are different envelop making machines in the market.
They have different weights, capacity and functionality. Find the best location for cheap labor and easy access to factory site.
Sell you envelops to bookstores, supermarkets, stationary stores and bookshops. Read more on how to manufacture envelops for profit
21.Corrugated Package Box Manufacturing
Corrugated boxes are used for different packaging needs. The have different designs, colors and storage capacity.
Understand the manufacturing process, seek funding and register your enterprise. Apply for all perquisites licensing including environmental pollution strategy.
Raw materials used in producing corrugated boxes are wax, Kraft paper, glue print patterns. Machines include printing, corrugations, die-cutting machines and gluing machines.
22.Vaseline Production
Vaseline petroleum jelly is effective against dry skin. The business is done large and small scale.
You can operate the business from home but in a safe environment. Learn how to make Vaseline and the ingredients used in the production.
Ingredients used in making Vaseline are lanolin, petroleum jelly, perfume, paraffin oil. After the production process find a good market for your product.  How to Make Vaseline
23.Biscuits Making
Biscuits are eaten by both old and young and several million are consumed daily. Register your biscuit company, find a good location and focus on marketing.
The industry is hugely competitive and challenging. Select niche markets strategize and produce high quality products. Raw materials include wheat flour, baking powder, sugar and colorant.
24.Bolt and Nuts Manufacturing
Bolts and nuts are made from ferrous and non ferrous material. The product has lots of construction applications.
The fasteners are very effective in binding wood, metal, steel and iron. You need moderate fixed and working capital to run the enterprise.
Register your company, lease a factory and source raw materials. Raw materials used in bolt and nut production are steel, copper and aluminum.
25.Soft Toy Making Business
Soft toys are fun easy to make and fetch good prices. The equipment used in making soft toys is sewing machine, stitching machines and scissors.
 Raw materials vary from wool, cotton, synthetic fibers, terry cloth and silk. The business is done both home based and in a toy factory. To succeed design interesting cuddly toys that a durable and fun. Read More
26.Chalk Making Business
Chalk is used in schools and offices. It is very easy to make chalk and it requires very little technical skill. The major raw material used to make chalk are POP, water calcium. Before starting the enterprise write a business plan and carry out a feasibility study. Do effective marketing to sell your chalk products. How to make Chalk
27.Concrete Block Making
Concrete block making machinery is expensive and durable. The size and scope of your operation depends on the funding and business structure.
Another very important consideration is leasing landed property for your operation. Study the simple manufacturing process, register your enterprise and find a suitable market,.
28.Block Making
Block making is similar to concrete block making except granite. Block makers build the blocks using sharp sand and cement. Block making is lucrative and requires intense labor requirements.
29.Ice Block Making
Some African countries suffering from epileptic power supply and rely on ice blocks. The blocks are used to preserve food, livestock and fresh fish.
There are many fabricated ice block machines to choose from. Find one that requires less labor and produces large number of blocks. How to start a Ice Block Making Business
30.Sweetened Condensed Milk
Condensed milk is a rich milk product eaten daily. It is important to know the method manufacturers use to produce condensed milk. Buy suitable equipment and seek bank loans to fund the enterprise. Read More


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