Bolts and Nuts Making: How to Start a Bolt Manufacturing Company

Physical products made from wood, metal including machinery depend on bolt fasteners. Bolts and nuts are made from ferrous and non ferrous object.
They come in different sizes, shapes and dimensions. The sizes differ according to their purpose and functionality.
The manufacturing process involved in the making of bolt and nuts include the hot and cold press method. They fall under light engineering and are very important tools in construction.
Raw materials used in the manufacture of bolts and nuts are readily available in most countries. The benefits of local production of the devices makes the resource readily availability to local industries.
 It also reduces the prevalent and dependency on foreign currency exchange. To start your enterprise you need strategic planning, good management structure and machinery.
You also need substantial capital to start a bolt and nut manufacturing company.
Financing the Company
You need major financing to start a bolt and nut company. Approach a merchant or commercial bank in your area for loans.
Try to negotiate a fixed rate and long term loans. The major investment goes into fixed assets such as the different machines needed for the manufacturing process.
Other expenditure is long lease agreements on factory and machine operator wages. Approach a core investor and sell equity in your startup business to secure funding.
bolt and nut
Marketing the Nut and Bolt Business
The market potential for bolts and nuts is huge and the demand is increasing daily. The machinery used in the manufacturing process is locally fabricated and readily available.
The major consumers of blots and nuts are the building and construction industry, transportation, electrical and heavy machinery industries.
Major outlets for the sale are articulated markets and building contractors. Others are building material wholesalers and wood vendors. Manufacturers need to sell in bulk per kg/tons to break even.
Sourcing Raw Materials to Make Nuts and Bolts
There are different raw materials that go into the manufacture of bolts and nuts. Some of the raw materials are aluminum, copper and steel. The manufacturer can source large quantities from international markets or domestically.
Machines used to Manufacture Bolts and Nuts
Machinery used to make bolts and nuts are expensive and durable. Major equipment includes the head trimming machine, power press and bull block wire drawing machine.
Others are the double stroke forging machine, thread rolling machine, straightening machine and the steel polish barrel. More machinery is the nut tapping machine, and forming machine.
Register the Bolt Company
Register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission in your country. Every country has an organization with the statutory duty of company incorporation.
 Secure a business name and register the company as a limited liability establishment. You need an antipollution certification, value added tax and insurance cover.
The municipal authority in your locality should issue your company a trade and manufacture license. The quality of your bolt and nuts need standardization, product testing and certification.
Bolts and Nuts Making Process
The two processes involved in the manufacture of bolt are either through the hot or cold process. The hot process involves cutting and shaping bars of metal.
This is done through a heating process to shape square neck, hexagonal and round heads bolts and nuts. The heat treatment furnace, nut forming and auto bolt head trimming machines are part of the manufacturing process.
The sequence for nuts goes from hexagonal rod to nut cutting then drilled and tapped before polishing. In the case of bolts the straightened MS rounds are pickled in acid, washed and drawn.  The rod is then cut and the head formed at the other end.
The bolt and nut manufacturing business is capital intensive. You need lots of funding to buy equipment and raw material.
Learn the manufacturing process and hire a consultant conversant in the production process. Lease a suitable factory in a good accessible location.
Other things to factor are staff wages, business structure, goals and future growth. Capture all the parameters in a business plan and feasibility study. You need aggressive marketing to build a good customer base.


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  4. To start the business you need to understand how to make nuts and bolts. There are many manufacturers of such equipment. find a good location, register the business and visit your local government to find out if you need a permit. Buy the equipment, raw material, hire machine operators and start.

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