Emu Farming: How to Start an Emu Farm.

emu farm
Emu’s are large flightless domesticated birds raised for meat and oil production. The birds reach tremendous speed in full flight and love to forage.
Emu’s are found in Australia and they are the second largest birds after the ostrich. They stand about 180cm height and 162 cm length.
Emus weigh an astounding 55kg with female topping the scale. They have long necks, vestigial wings and three toes on each foot.
The shaggy looking bird’s distinctive feature is the double rachis on a single shaft. The Savannah dwelling birds are tough, rigged and adapt to different climates.
 Emu farming is capital, labor intensive and the birds succumb to certain diseases. To start your emu business you need adequate funding, proper nutrition, good bird source and an effective breeding program.
Other considerations are incorporation, permits, veterinary services and marketing the produce.
How to Start an Emu Farming Business
Land and Infrastructure
Emus have a deadly weapon in their feet. The legs are strong, powerful and enough to brake bones. To farm emu you need a vast land to accommodate them.
Without ample space to move around they will not grow nicely. If you have about 8000sq feet you can continently rear 10 birds.
Work on the infrastructure especially the perimeter fencing and a shed. Provide adequate water, emu feed, incubators for egg hatchery and clean shelter.
Feeding the Bird
The emu diet consists of grasses, insects, arthropods, beetles and millipede. Others feeding habit involves seeds, roots and leaf.
Emu farmers should buy manufactured emu feed that has all the nutritional requirements for rapid growth. It is bad practice to feed the bird, chicken concentrate because the nutritional requirements are different.
Funding the Enterprise
Entrepreneurs need adequate funding to start the enterprise. The funds are used to purchase land and provide infrastructure.
Some costs considerations are tied to buying the stock, feeding and veterinary services. Others are cost of labor, marketing, and price of incubator.
Approach an agriculture focused bank for loans. You can find a core investor or borrow from family and friends.
Register the Business
First incorporate your company and choose a business name. You need a trade license and insurance cover for your stock. Find out the permits and regulations guiding the enterprise.
Start a Breeding Program
The female emu’s plumage darkens slightly during breeding season. They pair up and perform a distinctive mating dance. The female lay between 4to14 green colored eggs.
The incubation period in nature is about 2 months and the male is in charge of the eggs. Chicks grow rapidly attaining maturity in 6 months. Emu grow nicely in captivity based on good nutritional diet.
Emu Products
Emu are farmed for their meat, leather, eggs, skin and oil. The oil is used for cosmetics, therapeutic products and supplements.
 Without proper marketing you will struggle to make profit. You can approach cosmetic companies, exotic restaurants, and hotels.
Advertise your product in newspapers, magazines and other print media. Use flyer, handbills, billboards and signage to advertise your products.
You can trade birds, process the meat or open a small side company. To rise additional funds organize tours of your facility.
Another related venture is to organize seminars on emu farming and provide theory and practical training. Sell to market women, frozen stores, supermarkets and grocery stores.
Therapeutic properties
Build a Website
Build a website to reach a wider customer base. The website should be targeted to your local market and community.
Advertise your business on free or paid classified websites. Use yellow pages including other social media to improve patronage.How to Start an Ewe Sheep Farm


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