Ice Block Making: How to Start an Ice Block Making Business

Ice blocks are an essential commodity in hot regions such as Africa, Middle East and India. The blocks are used to preserve frozen food and drinks.
The block making business emanated due to some countries epileptic power supply. There are specially fabricated ice block making machines that are expensive and durable.
However, small ice block makers use fridge freezers to make the blocks. The business is easily done at home and does not require incorporating a business name.
If you have basic business knowledge you can set up an ice block making business. The business is seasonal and demand for ice blocks increase during hot, dry seasons.
How to Start an Ice Block Making Business
Raw Material
The only raw material you need is water and nylon bags. The equipment is either a fabricated ice block maker or freezer.
The ice block machine might come with different sized moulds. Source your water from water trucks, a borehole, well or public tap.

Register the Ice Block Business
Small scale producers don’t need any form of registration. However medium ice block makers can register the business as a sole proprietorship company.
Large ice block makers supply parties and social events. Ice blocks are used by caterers to chill drinks during weddings, traditional occasions and anniversaries.
Large ice block companies can register there business as a limited liability company. They also need insurance cove and value added tax number.  Large ice block manufacturers should apply for trade license and local government permits.
Rent a shop space and install your equipment. You can also work from home by using a refrigerator to make the blocks.
Make sure your shop is close to a general market or an event center. Another good location is densely populated areas and urban dwelling. Locate your business in areas of heavy human and vehicular traffic
Ice Block Making Machines
There is a wide range of ice block making machines. They come in different designs, sizes and capacity.
The machines are fully automated machines or semi- automated and offer commercial volume of ice. The ice produced by these machines is used to preserved foodstuff and frozen food.
Some ice block machines utilize brine technology and direct refrigeration methods. The standard weight of block differs to meet certain specifications.
The blocks are measure in length, width, height including weight. The weight differentials are 5 kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg and 50kg blocks.
The dimensions according to weight are 5kg-120x100x460,10kg-155x100x700 and 15kg-185x125x700. Others are 20kg-245x125x700, 25kg-315x125x700, 50kg-480x160x700.
Ice blocks making machines have different capacity and freezing time. Different products include slurry ice machines, plate ice machines, flake ice machines, block ice machine and tube ice machine.
The type of ice machine used for commercial production is the block ice machine. There are three types of block ice machines which are the Brine ice machine, Direct refrigeration system and Containerized block ice system.
A List of Block Ice Machine
Containerized block ice system
Direct refrigeration system
Brine refrigeration system
Marketing the Ice Blocks
Ice blocks are used by ships, fish vessels, ice sculptures and events. Other businesses that need ice blocks are frozen food dealers.
People living in hot, dry areas with poor electrical power will buy ice blocks for personal use. Advertise your product in local newspapers, flyers, posters, shop signage and complementary cards.
Place your company details in yellow pages or directories. Try free classified websites to reach potential customers.
Offer discounts for large orders and build a targeted website or blog. You also need a strong delivery truck to carry the frozen ice. Hire staff according to the size and scope of your production and amount of block you wish to produce.
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