Office File Manufacturing: How to Start an Office File Manufacturing Business

There are different types of office files suitable for new entrepreneurs. Common file types are polypropylene files, paper card files, level arch files and eco-friendly files.
Eco friendly files are made from the finest pulp have high BF strength and is recyclable.  Card files are colored card boards, fitted with laces, eyelets and aluminum fasteners.
The business is profitable and requires moderate funding. Before launching the enterprise find out the cost of equipment and the manufacturing process.
 Like any business you need hard work, dedication and proper planning. Write a business plan and carry out a feasibility study. To succeed you need a high quality products and a unique brand name.
Locate a good source of raw materials and cheap labor. Let’s look at a few business ideas on how to start an office file manufacturing business.
How to Star an office File Manufacturing Business
File Manufacturing Equipment
To start the enterprise you need to buy brand names that offer high quality machines. There are also low cost fabricated machines available in the market.
There are a number of automated and semi automated machines that can do the job. Making files is easy and straight forward if you purchase the right equipment.
Binding machines come in different sizes and functionality. Look for reputable companies that sell high quality machines at moderate prices.
The machines perform functions such as setting eyelets, creasing and punching. The production process also involves setting corner strip, index cutting and spiral punching. You need a cutting machine to trim the paper to size.
Financing the File Manufacturing Business
Money is needed to buy the equipment and some raw materials. Other things that require funds are leasing a property, staff wages and marketing.
You need to pay for utilities such as power, company registration fees and permits. Try target saving or borrow from banks, friends or acquaintances.
Register the File Manufacturing Company
Incorporate the company as a sole proprietorship or Limited Liability Company. Then secure a trade permit, insurance and value added tax identification number.
There are no strict standardization requirements for file products. However, bad quality files will not get any patronage.
Banks prefer dealing with limited liability companies than sole proprietorship. Other registration to consider is partnership arrangement instead of LLC.
When seeking bank loans you are required to have collateral such as a building or landed property. You need a business plan, guarantors and strong management structure. Find out other local and state government licensing peculiar to your country.
Build a Website for the File Company
Build a website for the company to reach a wider market. The website should have contact information and product details.
Spotlight your filing solutions and the different file types you manufacture. Add a dedicated telephone number, product description and prices.
Buy a good domain name and host your website on good servers. If you don’t have the expertise to build a corporate website hire a web designer. The website should be easy to navigate, well organized and colorful.
Don’t forget to implement search engine optimization techniques on your website or blog.
Marketing the Office Files
Places to sell your products are schools and government offices. Sell your products in bookstores, open stalls and book fairs.
Advertise your products on electronic and print media. Use radio jingles, television advertisement, newspaper advertisement and handbills.
Place a signage in front of your store or factory to attract vehicular traffic.  Offer your customers high quality products, competitive pricing and good service delivery.
Hire independent sales representatives that work on sales commissions. Use discounts, promotions and incentives to attract patronage.
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