Staple Pin Making: How to Start a Staple Pin Making Business

The business format for making staple pins involves feeding the machinery and producing the pins. The easy process is automated or semi automated depending on the choice of machinery.
Raw materials are also readily available in the market place. The business is easily done either small or large scale depending on your funding and business structure.
The main ingredient used in the manufacturing of staple pins is galvanized wire. The quality of the wire you use in the manufacturing process determines grade.
High quality stable pins sell better than substandard ones. The quality also impacts on the durability, functionality and reputation of the company.
High quality products give positive brand image including higher patronage. The business has a steady market base and lots of growth potential.
Are you interested in starting a pin making business factor funding, location, staff and marketing? Others are sourcing raw materials, factory size and future goals.
Here are a few business ideas on how to start a pin making business.
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How to Start a Pin Making Business
Pin making Business Plan
To launch your pin making enterprise you need a good business plan. Although the manufacturing process is simple there are many things to consider.
You need to find a good location, best affordable machinery, including goals and projection of your business. Conduct a feasibility study of competitors, transport requirements and packaging. Put in place a good marketing strategy to reach potential customers.
Register the Pin Making Business
Choose a good business name and register the enterprise as a one man business. There is nothing wrong in registering as a limited liability company especially if you want access to bank loans.
 The registration process usually takes about 14 days. Once completed apply for a trade license and get insurance cover. Don’t forget to fill a tax form for your new enterprise.
Funding the Pin Company
Use your business plan and feasibility study to attract bank loans. Present 1/3 startup capital including collateral and management structure to access loans. You can take on a partnership arrangement or borrow from friends and family.
Raw Material used in Making Staple Pins
The raw material used in the production of standard staple pins is galvanized wire. You also need adhesive material during the making process.
Other material needed is packaging material like cardboard boxes or branded packaging. There are standardized sizes of pins available in the market.
Make sure your pins are manufacturer to the specifications. Preformed wire is fed into a pin making machine to produce the pins.
Common specifications to consider are the size of product, operational area, and wire size. Others are motor, amount pins produced by minute.
 You can calculate the number of dozens produced during an 8 hour period. The average size of product 10 & 24/6 and area requirement of 5’x15’ is acceptable.
The wire size 0.45mm, 0.60mm, and motor H.P & R.P.M 1.5x 1440. Within 8 hours your machine should produce 830 pockets (70 Dozen, 20 strips (1000 pieces). The machinery you buy should produce at least 1400-1500 pieces per minute.
Pin Making Machine
Things to consider before buying a pin making machine is the operational frequency, power consumption and functionality. Buy a fully automatic machine that produces different wire staple pins.
Some manufacturers of such machines are able to customize them to meet your preferred specification. The major machinery you need is the multi wire staple pin making machine. There are many choices in the market so buy quality brand with spare parts.
Making Staple Pins
Provide adequate space for your machinery including backup generator. Find a viable steady source for raw materials and skilled machine operator.
You need adequate storage, transportation and handling. Create a branded box to package your pins after production. The round preformed galvanized wire is fed into the machine the machine then flattens the wire to produce specific lengths.
 The galvanized wire is formed and cut into size. The last stage is the packaging of the pins and branding. Useful equipment to consider is the horizontal motor with a spindle at each end.
The major consumers of staple pins are printing press, offices and institutes of learning. Sell your stables to bookstores, wholesalers and retailers.
Government offices use lots of staples for various types of memos and documents. Advertise your pins in newspapers and through other print medium such as flyers, posters and billboards.


  1. Can anyone please tell me how to contact a skilled staple pin machine operator?

  2. Hello sanchita datta thanks for visiting our website. To get hired staff place a small classified in your local newspaper and you will get lots of feedback.

  3. great article, do you know any website/link where I can the machines for manufacturing