Sweetened Condensed Milk Business: How to Start a Sweetened Condensed/Evaporated Milk Plant

tin of condensed milk
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Milk is a very valuable product consumed around the world. The delicious product is obtained primarily from cows however other sources are goats, and camel.
The product has a versatile application in food, drinks, snacks and home products. Whole-milk is processed into evaporated milk, unsweetened condense milk, yogurt and sweetened condensed milk.
Sweetened condensed milk is achieved by adding sugar which also acts as a preservative. While unsweetened condensed milk goes through heat and sterilization during packaging.
Water is evaporated from Whole-Milk fully or partially to get condensed milk.The process is achieved irrespective of the amount of sugar content in the milk.
The simple process of producing condensed milk is standardization, heating to induce evaporation and remove microorganisms. The addition of sugar in the early part of the process achieves the sweetened taste.

How to Start a Sweetened Condensed Milk Plant
There are a few steps to take before starting the enterprise. Carry out a feasibility study to determine the market potential in your community.
Study other manufacturers of the product and understand their marketing strategy. Learn how to turn whole-milk into condensed milk through practical lessons.
Other ways to get knowledge is through online publications, books, tutorials and seminars. And don’t forget your business plan.
Locating the Condensed Milk Factory
You need a sterile environment to produce safe condensed milk. Rent a small factory or work from home.
The business is done both large scale and small. You can locate the condensed milk factory in a busy market or close to source of raw milk.
Large condensed milk producers have their own milk farms and factory. They produce evaporated milk, unsweetened condensed milk and sweetened condensed milk. The factory should have a good road network and ample parking space.
Register the Company
Both limited and unlimited liability depends on the business format you choose. Register a business name and apply for value added tax identification.
Your product will also go through standardization testing and certification. Study anti pollution laws and local government requirements.
Uses of Condensed Milk
Condensed milk is used to add flavor to coffee or tea. Milk is added to chocolate toppings, ingredient in cold cakes deserts, pies and fruit puddings. Other uses are in biscuits, sweets and treats.
 How to Process Evaporated Milk
Before you establish a condensed milk production company you need to learn how to turn whole milk into condensed milk. There are two types of condensed milk the sweetened condensed milk and unsweetened condensed milk.
Standardized milk is used during the processing of evaporated milk. The standardized milk is heated to induce evaporation and homogenization.
 After cooling it goes through a standardization test. The evaporated milk is then packaged in sealed containment such as bottles, nylons, canned and sterilized.
Sweetened Condensed Milk
Whole milk has full cream milk and sugar added to the reconstituted concentrated milk. The next process is homogenization then pasteurization and finally crystallization. 
Sweetened condensed milk goes through these stages. Standardized milk-add sugar-evaporation-cooling-crystallization - sterilized packaging and sealing.
Build a Website
There is nothing wrong in building a website to showcase your milk products. Makes sure the packaging is beautiful and appealing. Hire a website developer to create the site and add important features.
Evaporated milk and condensed milk have a huge market. There is very stiff competition between top brands and companies.
Small manufacturers need to carve out a niche market to compete with powerful brands. Focus on local stores, kiosks, supermarkets and shops in your immediate community. Do target advertisement, offer discounts and fun promotions. Make sure you produce high quality milk to sustain your customers. 
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