Banana Wafer Making Business

Wafers are fun snacks loved by young and old. Wafers are made from a variety of fruits depending on the choice of the manufacturer.
The two commonly used fruits are plantain and banana. Both banana and plantain are tropical plants that produce bunched number of fruits.
They are very important crops with many culinary and industrial food applications. Banana is mainly consumed fresh, cooked or processed into different foods.
Some of note are banana chips, mashed banana, banana powder and banana wafers. The production of plantain chips is similar to that of banana wafer.
Banana Wafers Making Business
How Banana Wafers are made
It is very easy to start a banana wafers business. All that is required is a cutting or slicing tool, cooking pot and edible oil.  
Ingredients needed are salt, herbs, seasoning and local spices. To produce banana wafers slice the banana to reveal the fruit.
Wash thoroughly and cut into thin slices before adding salt, seasoning, herbs and spices. You then deep fry the chips in hot oil until crunchy and dry.
Packaging the Wafers
Local producers of banana wafers usually sell directly to passing customers. Some producers also package the products in airtight nylons.
They affix a label to the nylon or place it inside the package. Wafers meant for sale are usually well salted and very dry. This is to provide a longer shelf life for the product.
Marketing Banana Wafers
The packaged product is distributed to small grocery shop owners, bars and coffee shops. There are many good outlets for banana wafers such as school canteens and eateries.
Local supermarkets and community centers are more places to sell the wafers. Majority of producers of plantain and banana wafers are roadside eateries.
Banana wafers producers are more likely to diversify into other food based products. They can fry plantain, roast plantain, sell fresh bananas and make plantain chips. Some banana chips makers include in their inventory roasted ground nuts.
Locating the Business
To sell banana wafers you need to have a roadside eatery. This is because majority of your customers are the human traffic in front of your store. Although some manufacturers produce only for shelves others concentrate on daily sales to commuters.
Registering the Wafer Business
You need to apply for a food operator’s licenses. Packaged food needs to go through registration and standardization.
You need to comply with food handlers guidelines and get a trade license. If you want to package the chips you need NAFDAC identification number.
Food packaging companies could register as one man businesses. While road side canteens are not required to have a LLC registration.
 Packaged food items are subjected to value added tax in many countries. Find out the requirements before starting a banana wafer business.
Equipment and Ingredients use to Produce Banana Wafers
Anyone can make banana wafers all they need is a frying pot, salt and banana. Some manufacturers use only salt.  
However to produce a unique taste you can experiment. Try different flavors, spicing and herbs to create a unique flavor.
You need a deep fryer, knives, edible oil and sealing machine. Other equipment's are oil sieve, cooker, dryer or oven.
Funding the Enterprise
You don’t need lots of money to start a banana wafer production business. Use your regular savings to purchase kitchen equipment, cooking oil and raw material.
Find a cheap but suitable location to fry the wafers. The business is easily done from home if you focus on packaging the product.
To reach potential customers hire sales representatives to work on commission bases. Focus on schools, public places and small shop owners to distribute the product.


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