Beginners Guide to Running a Guest House

A well run guest house business can attract huge financial gain. Many travelers prefer the small cozy atmosphere of guest houses to large hotels.
 Another major attraction is the price, local cuisine and location. Guest houses offer a unique view of host community, cuisine and lifestyle of indigenous people.
 If you have a home and wish to turn it into a gust house there a few things you need to put in place. You need an operational license from the state government.
Other things are reconstruction permits and other laws guiding hospitality business. There are three types off guest houses bed-breakfast, lodge and small hotel.
Types of Hotels
Hostel Accommodation
Hostel accommodation is more common to students and low income demography. The rooms are demarcated or shared among lodgers.
There is no provision for meals and the conveniences are shared by lodgers. Students prefer this kind of arrangement because it is generally cheaper than other forms of accommodation.
Bread and Breakfast
Bread and breakfast accommodation is usually a home providing a room for guests. They are private homes providing a more family oriented accommodation.
A lodge is a hotel strategically built for stopover travelers. They are found in remote areas, private parks or wildlife sanctuaries.
Beginner Guide to Running a Guest House
Define the Service
What kind of service should your guests expect? Draw out the services you provide at your guest house.
Common services include laundry service, shuttle service, catering and housekeeping services. Some guest houses only provide accommodation and the guest takes care of their own needs. List the services you provide on your website so they know what to expect.
Promote the Business
The business needs adequate exposure to attract guests. Build an attractive website for the business.
Use online platforms to increase visibility and attract lots of interest. Showcase the house with beautiful pictures of the grounds, rooms and dinning area.
 List the services you provide and prices. Use social media advertisement including paid classified advertisement in hospitality websites.
 List your business in yellow pages and online directories. In your promotional campaign showcase local events and festivals to attract customers.
It is not advisable to apply for bank loans on the onset. Why not try target savings or borrow from friends and family.
You need keep the overhead costs low to breakeven. Majority of the funds go into interior decoration, marketing and permits. Focus on the entrance to the guest house, rooms and make them appealing to lodgers.
Maintain High Standards
The rooms should be immaculately clean and inviting. You can hire a cleaning service to maintain a high standard.
Things that determine price are location, services and level of comfort. The types of guests to expect are tourists, foreign students, businessmen and transit lodgers.
Best Practices
Provide uniforms for staff members
Provide high quality meals
Handle esquires and booking in a professional manner
Create a warm enabling environment
Define the type of services you render
Provide safety and security for your guest within the premises.
Register the Business
Register a nice memorable business name for your guest house. Incorporate the business as a sole proprietorship. Apply to the appropriate authorities for operational license.
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