Buffet-Only Restaurant Business

All you can eat buffets are extremely popular fun activity. Patrons pay a fixed price determined by the management while customers select anything on the menu.
Buffet only restaurants are community based, family oriented establishments. They also provide good hearty lunch experience for the customers.
Most buffet concentrate primarily on lunch and dinner. This provides the restaurant owner shorter working hours and maximum profit margin.
There is no need to hire waiters and many workers. Fewer employees add to your profitability.
Business Permit
You need to apply for a business permit to run an all you can eat buffet. The restaurant must pass health inspection test and food handling requirements.
Apply for a commercial trade license and personal identification number. Incorporate the business as a limited liability entity. Hire a certified chef and get insurance cover.
Lease a Shop
Finding a good location is very important to the success of the enterprise. Locate the restaurant at a busy corner or popular destination.
Commercial areas with lots of working class people will work. The restaurant should have a modern kitchen and ample space for dinners.
Provide quality furniture, reusable plate and cutlery. Purchase restaurant supply such as Knives, forks, plates and pans
Source Raw Materials
You need very fresh ingredients to make delicious meals. Partner with local grocery stores and farmers. Purchase your stock from farmer markets, supermarkets and malls.
Finance the Business
To finance the business you need startup funding. The funds are needed for lease agreements, furniture, staff wages and kitchen utensils.
Marketing the Business
Buffets are good money makers for restaurants. Some restaurants organize a buffet once a week while others operate a buffet only restaurant.
Advertise your business on local television stations and radio programs. Print lots of flyers, posters and billboards to reach customers. Provide a beautiful brochure and list the menu and opening hours.
Use paid and free classified to attract more patronage. Include group packages, coupons and discounts. Make sure your food is top quality, well prepared meals.
Build a Website
Hire a website builder to construct a befitting site for your restaurant. You can target locals, backpackers and tourists to your restaurant.
 Include a list of dishes in the buffet and charge accordingly. The website should be search engine optimized and easy to navigate.
Use social media channels to increase traffic and grow your audience and followers.  Advertise using Facebook advertisement and Google Adwords.
Prepare the Dishes
You need to come up with balanced dishes full of carbohydrate, proteins and fat. Add lots of vegetable salads, fruit salads and meat.
Encourage the chef to create a nice menu however keep to budget.  Workout your profit margin based on the number of customer you attract daily. Finally provide a competitive price for your buffets.
The Business Plan
To present a clear view of your business structure you need a business plan. There are many online resources to help in composing the plan.
You can hire a professional to write the plan or learn the rudiments through tutorials and books. Let the plan guide your enterprise by highlighting management structure, mission, vision statement including future goals and projections.
It covers funding sources, cost consideration, equipment, labor costs and location. Support the business plan with a feasibility study.
Carry out extensive survey and research on existing trends, menu, prices and customer preferences. Meeting the expectations of eager customers presents useful leverage.
To start a buffet only business secure funding from any financial institution. Lease a commercial property and install equipment.
Apply to the appropriate regulatory bodies for permits and licensing. Hire a good chef and prepare the menu.
Try to source fresh items from farmer markets and charge fair prices. Use advertisement to drive traffic and use social media channels.


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