Concession Stand Business: How to Start a Concession Trailer Stand Business

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The business template to run a concession trailer stand is relatively easy. There is no need to have a permanent office or shop location.
This invariably reduces the overhead costs of starting your own business. However there are other cost considerations such as leasing or purchasing a trailer store or unit.
 Other advantages that come with this arrangement are direct access to huge customer base, flexibility and quick returns on your investment. Other benefits are low to zero staff wages including low utility bills
 To start the enterprise you need to determine the type of product to sell. You must establish the mode of business and type of concession stand.
You need to determine if you are running a permanent booth or a moveable enterprise or both. Concession trailer business is a highly lucrative, low startup and a veritable income generating business.
How to Start a Concession Trailer Stand Business
Write a Business Plan
Write a simple business plan to guide your concession stand business. Include in your plan target market, items you want to sell and sourcing raw materials.
 Factor your goals, objectives and future plans. What are your long and short term goals, services and purpose? Other important things to consider in your plan are marketing strategy.
Include in your business plan costs of raw materials and labor.  Decide how to display the menu and charge reasonable prices.
Some vendors tend to over charge for their products in a bid to make maximum profit. This is a bad practice and counter productive in the long run. Revelers tend to move around and will avoid your stand in future.
Permits and Licensing
Your business needs a trade permit and should abide by local government provisions concerning food vending. Other things involved are sales tax, environmental issues and proper waste management.
 Register your food stand as a sole proprietorship and acquire a business name. The type of permit depends on your country state laws.
Common permits are food safety permit, alcohol and beverage sales permit and general business license.
Event List
Obtaining a comprehensive list of events is one of the most important aspects of concession trailer stand business. The list should cover festivals, carnivals, flea markets and social events.
You can signup to vend at events that attract huge crowd’s especially family events. Targeting public holidays, celebratory periods and festivals is a good plan.
At most events vendors are allocated space to sell their goods after payment is made. The organization and preparation is usually carried out several days or weeks before event.
 Not all events attract payment however permission is required from organizers or local government.
Determine Target Audience
Before you start a concession stand you need to know what to sell. Food based items are popular because they attract huge patronage.  
Common events that attract patronage are trade fairs, live shows and carnivals. Food items to sell include snacks, beverage drinks, cooked food, baked items and pizza.
Other food items include barbecue meat, popcorn, lemonade, candy, fried or roasted items and ice cream. Your job is to target a niche market and provide service or sell a product.
Mobile or Stationary
Your concession trailer stand could be stationary or mobile.  Operating a stationary trailer is akin to owning a residential business address.
There are limitations to running a stationary business. The business is limited to location and human or vehicular traffic.
A mobile stand is more dynamic and a better plan. This is because you service targeted crowds hungry and eager to buy your product or service.
In our opinion we would advice running both systems. This is because notable events are infrequent and instead of waiting for the next event your stationery trailer is still in business.
This guarantees revenue income throughout the year. Irrespective of your choice you need a trailer unit or stand.
Purchase a concession trailer or lease according to your needs or event. Leasing drastically reduces the cost of operation and frees more funds for raw materials, venue payments and permits. 
Before purchasing the trailer or stand make sure it accommodates your business template, equipment and functional.
Locate the Stationary Trailer.
A stationary trailer needs to meet local government laws and permits. The location you choose should have heavy human traffic and vehicular movement.
Purchase Equipment
Food vendors need a fully fit kitchen to operate. Common equipment's are cooker, microwave, small ovens or grills.
The equipment you purchase depends on the type of food you want to sell. The equipment should fit snugly into the small space of your trailer.
Develop a Menu
The next step is to develop a menu that is fun and delicious. Specialize in only a few or one item and purchase raw materials according to your needs.
Make sure your food meets the expectation of your customers. Purchase raw materials needed for the menu in bulk from wholesalers.
This reduces the cost in the long run. However perishable goods are better bought fresh.
Promote the Business
Concession stand use print media to promote the business. The types of print are flyers and banners to attract passersby. Your trailer should be attractive enough to woe revelers.
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