Electronic Recycling: How to Open an Electronic Recycling Business

e-waste landfill
There is a notable increase in the volume of e-waste produced each year. The global problem affects the environment and causes toxic elements to affecting the soil.
E-waste does not decompose easily because it is made up of electronic components such as metal, plastic, nylon, cables and circuits. Obsolete machines make up a large potion of our discarded waste. 
This is utopia to an electronic waste recycle merchant’s.  E-waste constitute about 25% of items found in a rubbish dumps and less than an ¼ are recycled.
Electronic recycling is good business because it transforms the waste to reusable products. Technology is very dynamic and changes occur rather quickly.  What is fad and trending today is history tomorrow.
Electronic recyclers harvest use-able components for manufacturers.  This service greatly reduces the prices of new or refurbished electronic.  
Almost any electronic product can be recycled such as television sets, radios and phones.
What Constitutes E-waste
Many household and office items constitute electronic waste.  Although the items differ in function they are generally built using identical components. Here are a few items found in most homes or offices.
Electronic fan
Deep freezers
Mobile Phones
Fax machines
Printers and many electronic devices
How to Open an Electronic Waste Recycle Business
Understand the Business
The business although easy to grasp has a few complexities. Recycle companies focus on either one or several components.
The business model, type of item and handling method determines the companies focus. There are strict federal and state laws guiding waste management.
The recycle company produce there own toxic waste after stripping the device of its elements. Environmental laws focus on how theses companies dispose of the waste they generate.
You need to understand what is obtainable in the industry and make adequate provisions for handling waste matter. The type of machinery you use is also of great importance.
You need a business plan to define your company structure.  It is important to carry out a feasibility study to find a good site for your recycle company.
Locating the E-waste Recycle Business
It is totally unethical to situate a recycle company in populated areas. The company should be a good distance from urban household to avoid environmental issues.
 The ideal location should have ample storage and handling space. You can lease a property or purchase one to start the business.
Locate your e-waste business in remote locations or outside town limits. This singular challenge causes heavy costs on transportation and increases amount paid to purchase used electronics.
Funding the E-waste Recycle Company
E-waste recycle business involves moderate capital investment. The amount you need depends on the type of recycle plant and machinery.
Purchase of raw material accounts for 1/3rd of the entire investment. Therefore you need ample working capital to remain in business. Seek investors, loans and partnership arrangements to fund the enterprise.
A huge part of e-waste recycle business is transportation. Your company processes several tons of heavy items monthly.
You could purchase a heavy duty truck or lease one. Purchase and install the necessary equipment to carry out the recycling process.
The company needs an administrative office and processing factory. You can choose to hire casual workers or employ from your host community.
Regulation and Permits
Safety is a big issue in e-waste recycling business. Provide your staff essential safety gear and insurance cover.
You need to secure a permit to handle e-waste items. Follow environmental protection guidelines from the department of natural resources.
 Other permits are trade license, waste disposal permits and land use permits. Find out what is obtainable in your country of operation.
Sourcing the Electronic Waste Products
Before launching your enterprise you need to determine which type of e-waste you will harvest. Understand the challenges, manpower and method of gathering the waste.
You need a location to gather the e-waste and regular supplies. You need to secure contractual agreement from industry willing to use the harvested e-waste.
Industries that might have interest in such products are mobile phone manufacturers, glass companies, plastic companies and electronic wire companies.
There are a few ways to source your electronic waste items. You can purchase discarded electronic products from scavengers or retailers.
You could contract people to go dump diving or source directly from private homes and industrial complex. The best practice is cheaper source of raw material and labor for higher profit.
 Recycle companies sell harvested parts per kilograms or tons. Therefore you need to hire or purchase moving equipment. E-waste is a profitable business venture however you need adequate funds, permits, equipment, trade partners and knowledge of the business. 


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