Equipment List for a Small Bakery Startup

Do you have a talent for baking then consider starting a bakery business? The startup cost varies according to the type of equipment, location, staff strength and product.
Baked products are obtained through a heating process to produce the food. The heat process is usually achieved through the use of an oven. 
An oven is the primary equipment found in all bakeries regardless of the product. The oven could be electrically operated, coal fire, gas or wood.
Common baked items include meat pies, cakes, biscuits and bread. Other baked products are buns, flatbread, brownies, muffins, cracker, cookie, and casserole.
A List of Baked Products
Here is a list of baked products that use similar equipment.
Baked milk
Type of Bakery
Before your purchase equipment you need to determine the type of bakery. Another consideration is the type of products you want to make.
Having a clear vision will impact positively on expenditure and planning. There are different types of bakeries however the most common one is counter service bakery. Other formats are sit-down bakeries, online bakeries and specialty service bakeries.
How to Start a Bakery
The best way to start your bakery business is to write a business plan. The business plan should cover the type and cost of equipment to run the enterprise. Luckily baking equipments are rugged and durable and can be used over and over again.
You need an ideal location in residential or urban areas. The business location should provide easy access for customers and delivery service. Make sure the price of your goods and services are reasonable to attract patronage.
Bakery Shop
Provide an enabling environment for workers and customers. Baking business is tough work therefore proper planning is essential to the success of your business. The bakery shop should have proper storage facility for the equipment.
Bakery Equipment
Bakery equipments are easily bought in supermarkets, utility stores and open market. The most expensive item is probably going to be the oven. Here is a list of equipment found in a standard bakery.
An oven
An oven is a heating device used to bake various items listed above. We have charcoal ovens, log ovens, electric ovens and gas ovens. Charcoal heated ovens are more common to bread bakeries while gas ovens are the most popular.
Electric Mixer
The next essential item is the mixer. There are different capacity mixers in the market.
You have the flour mixer, table top mixer and hand mixer. It is common place to find one or two of these types of mixer in a bakery kitchen.
Pots and Pans
There are different types of pans based on the function. Small pans, wider rim pans, flat pans and groove pans. Common in bakeries are bread pans, cake pans, sheet pans and pastry pans. Many pans are aluminum, light weight and durable.
More Equipment used in Commercial Bakeries
Dough scrappers
Shelve racks
Plastic bowls
Large mixing bowls
Storage bins
Bowls for mixing
Aprons and hair nets
Food processor
Other equipment includes kitchen table, refrigerator, glass shelves and chairs. You might need colorants, flour, butter and other essential ingredients to bake your products.
Don’t forget wrapping paper and nylon packaging and sealing equipment. You need office equipment such as computer, fax machine, modem and photocopy machine.
To succeed you need to develop an original concept different from other bakeries. You need an effective marketing plan and high quality product.
Diversify your products and locate your target customers. Hire trustworthy and competent staff to run the business.


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