Ginger Garlic Paste Processing Business

Ginger garlic paste is an essential condiment in Asian cuisine. The root is very versatile and has lots of food and industrial applications.
Ginger-garlic paste is specially manufactured to provide a delicious additive to meals. Ginger and garlic are grown extensively in Asia, Africa and other geographical areas.
Entrepreneurs can leverage on these important crops for financial gain. The enterprise needs a steady supply of both crops to succeed.
Other requirements are equipment, understanding the production process, hiring experience machine operators and funding. Before starting the company, make sure the company is fully registered and funded.
More requirements are availability of raw material, an ideal location and effective marketing strategy.
Ginger Paste Production Process
An ideal location is close to the source of raw material. However an industrialist might choose to build the factory in a commercial area.
The company has to deal with shipment and transportation cost too the factory. The factory should have a good docking area, production plant and adequate electricity.
Sourcing the Raw Material
Garlic and ginger are the raw materials used in the production of ginger-garlic paste. You need to source only high quality raw materials to process. The impact is evident on the paste, aroma, texture and color of your produce.
The production chain starts from sourcing the raw material and approach garlic and ginger farmers for the product. The product then goes through washing and cleaning.
The root crops are then de-skinned and crushed with a milling machine. It is then fed into a pulping machine for further processing.
 A preservative method is then employed into the paste before packaging and sealing. The paste is either packaged through a filling and canning machine or nylon pouch package.
Machinery used for Ginger Garlic Paste Processing
You can get locally fabricated semi automated machines that are good for paste manufacture. Many of the machines are capable of producing different types of paste.
The manufacturing company has a choice of automated or semi automated machines to carry out the process. Common equipment found in a processing plant are pulping machines, peeling machines and milling machines.
Other equipments are weighing machines, stainless steel tanks, pressure washers packaging and sealing machines.
A List of Equipment
Weighing machines
Stainless steel tanks
Pressure water pumps
Skin peelers
Packaging Machines
Ginger-Garlic Paste Company Registration
You need to pass a standardization test for your produce. Apply for a national food and drug certification number.
The company needs value added tax, company registration, trade license and insurance cover. Provide safety protocols and good waste management strategies. Find out other state and local government law guiding the enterprise.
Marketing the Ginger Garlic Paste
Commercial kitchens and restaurants are the highest consumers of ginger garlic paste. The widespread application includes restaurants, fast food outlets, hotels and culinary schools.
It is important to brand your product to compete favorably in the saturated market.  Spend on community based advertisement projects and events.
Use traditional advertisement methods to reach customers. Print leaflets, business cards, posters and handbills to attract buyers.
Sell to wholesalers, retailers, supermarkets at trade fairs and to private individuals. There are also a lot of export opportunities for the product.
The packaging requirements are usually 50gm, 100gm or 250gm. The spice comes in can, bottle, plastic containers and nylon pouch containers. The canned ginger garlic paste has a longer shelf life than nylon pouch packaging.
To launch the enterprise apply for funds through bank loans and personal savings. Get the appropriate licensing and permits.
Purchase the raw material directly from farmers or major wholesalers. Purchase a semi automatic or fully automatic ginger and garlic paste processing plant.
A good plant should consume less electricity and output extra fine paste. The machinery should posses a powerful motor and stainless steel frame.
Sell your pate through a dedicated website or sales outlet. 


  1. I would like to start this kind of bussiness how can u help me here in Malawi