How to Start Mobile Notary Business

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Self employment involves finding business opportunities that are aligned with your passion and experience. Mobile notary business requires low startup capital and flexible work hours.
To work as a notary agent you need adequate training and experience. A mobile notary is a notary public that serves the public on legal matters.
The common documents presented by notary public servants are loan forms, wills, deeds of assignment, affidavits, confirmation and oaths. The common law officer charges a stipulated fee for the serve.
The fee also covers travel expenses based on travel fee limits. The distance the notary covers depends on his job description and clients.
Mobile Notary Charges
The mobile notary charges for the service according to distance and per-determined costs. However there are strict rules guiding notary public assignments.
 The common law office charges waiting fee if excessive waiting is encountered. The common charge is notary fee, travel fee, copying fee and document preparation fee.
The different fee limitations and restrictions are regulated by the state. Different states have different laws guiding the enterprise.
Notary Job Restrictions
Mobile notary practitioners are not allowed to provide legal council. Other restrictions involve the practice of law, or processing legal instruments.
Legal Documents
The documents presented to clients include affidavits, oaths, loans, deeds of assignment. Others are property titles, confirmation and bank documents. Legal documents handled by mobile notary are listed below.
Bank documents
Property titles
How to Become a Certified Notary
The first step to becoming a certified notary is training. There are lots of online resources and courses including training workshops.
You need to take and pass an examination to become a certified notary.  Once your application is accepted by the state you become a commissioned notary public.
Then next step is to learn the rudiments of mobile notary business. You need to understand loan signing, because primary jobs of mobile notary are focused on loans.
Work only for companies with good payment history and reliability. Employ marketing channels to get the right business. The good news is that the demand for notary services remains high in many countries.
Mobile notary operators can travel several miles to perform their duty and get paid.
How to Succeed as Mobile Notary Public
To succeed as a mobile notary public you need training and certification from state notary commission. To improve your efficiency undergo a loan signing course.
The notary public needs a vehicle for easy movement from point A to B. Gather a list of regular paying approved signing companies and partner with them.
Common Destinations for Mobile Notary
Mobile notary travel short and long distances to secure signatures on documents. Common locations are prisons, homes, factories, offices. Others are public places such as in a restaurant, bar, hospital and property owners.
Prisoners require ‘power of attorney, property owners need deed of assignment and business owners loans. In hospitals the common denominator are signature for power of attorney.
How to get Business
Gather a list of reliable companies that need the services of a mobile notary. Get on their data base and regularly check for jobs.
Make sure the company is functional and financially buoyant before accepting the assignment. You can improve your skill through books, online resources and apprentice schemes.
Understand state notary technicalities, laws and study the guidelines. Gather as much information to help improve your efficiency on the job.
If you want to get paid for your services screen the company and select only reputable ones. Always stay in contact with loan provider and signee for better efficiency.
Market your notary business through advertisements both offline and online. Use yellow pages or online directories. You can approach title companies, bail bond businesses, jails and hospitals.
Internet directories are a useful resource to gather contact of title companies or agents.
Why Mobile Notary Business is Lucrative
Mobile notary business attracts a steady income stream for practitioners. You tend to work flexible hours while maintaining autonomy.
 Time flexibility is one of the desirable reasons to start a mobile notary business. Top mobile notaries are known to earn from $25,000 to $75,000 yearly. And you can execute several jobs at the same time.
How to get a Job Order
You first receive a job order from Partner Company and get assigned the job. You receive a faxed order confirmation to proceed.
Try to liaison with loan provider or facilitator to introduce your company. The facilitator will make available the documents you need to execute the contract.
You then mobilize too your appointment and get the document signed.  If the signee uses a different name or variation on signature other than the lenders instruction nullifies the whole exercise.
Make sure the signature is correct and matches the expected initials. You are not mandated to explain or answer specific question or to advice the person signing.
Make sure every form is notarized and signature initiated on the documents. On completion of the task the notary needs to deliver the document to the title company.


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