How to Start a Mobile Spa Business

spaDay spas feature varied body treatment including facial treatment and massage. They are fashioned to provide a relaxing atmosphere while relieving the client of stress. Day spas go extra mile with the ambiance of the establishment to convey warm feelings of comfort. Mobile day spas are slightly different in operation.
Mobile spas provide home service or office visit to clients. Mobile spa operators could own a large mobile truck fully fitted with equipment and other paraphernalia.
Spa resorts are trending and offer the practitioner lots of profitable business opportunities. To launch your enterprise you need to study the community residents.What are their age range, income and preferred leisure activities. Spa business is not an essential activity and falls under fun, leisure and self pampering.The more high class and sophisticated your clientele the better chances at success. Here are a few business ideas on how to start a mobile spa business. 
How to Start a Mobile Spa Business
Establishing the Day Spa Business
Establish the day spa business as a sole proprietorship enterprise. It is most likely you will work alone to maximize your profit.You need a trade permit and certain qualification to operate a spa. Although the business format is based on meeting your clients you still need an operational base.Lease a property and establish a spa or use a dedicated room in your home. I would advice a disassociation between home and business. Irrespective of your business structure you need a sales tax license and insurance. 
Locating the Spa 
A base location should be fitted with the appropriate equipment. Your mobile section should also have its own set of tools.
The best location for your business should feature good road network and easy accessibility. It needs adequate parking and good relaxing esthetics.
Make sure the location and business falls under commercial allocated areas. The interior of your establishment is very important to the comfort of your clients.Use soft natural colors, low music and lightening to convey a relaxed atmosphere. Write a mobile spa business plan to guide the enterprise.
Are you primarily going to provide only mobile spa treatment or location services? The business model dictates the type of equipment and fixed asset.
Write your business plan and carry out a feasibility study of your community. Identify competitors and study their business structures.
Conduct a survey to find out how your host community feels about mobile spa services. To break into the business you need to provide unique services different from your competitors. You also need good pricing to attract patronage. 
Develop a Service Menu 
The menu will showcase the services you are willing to render. Create a menu that is in line with local community interests and sensibilities.
Offer services such as custom blends, facial scrubs, body scrubs, heat treatment and other services. You need to have professional qualification and expertise to succeed.
Learn the trade through an apprentice program, basic beauty school or through practical experience. Take different courses including online course to develop the skill.
Your business is only as good as the person providing the service. There is nothing wrong in hiring professional message practitioners to enhance your business. 
The number of staff depends on the size and scope of your establishment. A small mobile spa can function with only two staff.
Hire only highly qualified staff based on competence, experience and qualification. Offer your clients only top notch services for better patronage. Use only high quality oils, herbs and lotions for your business. 
Funding the Spa Business 
You can start a mobile spa through personal savings. It is difficult obtaining loans so use available resources to finance your business.
Try target savings or borrow from friends and family. Make sure you purchase only top grade equipment for your business.
If your business is location based try a free spa day for the community. This is an effective way to instantly attract clients. Provide fun, leisure activities to introduce your clients to the benefits of spa treatment. 
Marketing the Spa Business 
You can use conventional methods such as signage boards, flyers, complementary cards and billboards. List your business in yellow pages or online directories.
Publicize your business in fashion magazines and daily newspapers. You need to work within a strict marketing budget to breakeven.
Places to contact are fitness centers, beauty salons, hair dressers and nail salons.  
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