How to Start a Smog Check Company

The main aim of smog checking is to drastically reduce the emission of poisonous substances into the atmosphere. The world is experiencing overwhelming odd variations in the weather.
The ozone layers is fast depleting due to terrible emissions we pump into the air. Fossil fuel vehicles are a major culprit when it comes to emissions hence smog checking. 
California vehicles have an exemption abate fee for 6 years before subjected to smog check. Other areas in the world have similar provisions guiding the program.
 Smart entrepreneurs can cash in on this business by starting a smog check company. The business is lucrative while adding value to the immediate community.
Vehicles that Need Smog Check
The laws differ from each state and country on vehicles that a mandated to do smog check. Vehicles manufactured from 1976 are required to perform a check every two years.
 New vehicles after a 6 year exception need to do a check. Others that need to carry out smog check are non resident vehicles and Diesel vehicles registered from 1998.
Motorcycles, trucks, special utility vehicles, gasoline powered vehicles and hybrid vehicle are required to carry out a smog check. Here are a list of vehicles that are mandated to carry out smog checks.
Vehicles that require Smog Check
Non California resident vehicles
Vehicles manufactured from 1976
California vehicles 6 years old from day of manufacture
Special made vehicles from 1976
From 1998 Diesel vehicles of over 14,000 ibs
 1998 Trailers
 1998 motorcycles
1975 gasoline powered vehicles
2015 hybrid vehicles
Regulations and Smog Check Process
A compliance order of notice within 90 days is sent to a vehicle owner. The vehicle owner needs to present the car for a smog check before the due date.
 Failure to comply attracts non renewal of vehicle registration papers. Once the smog check is carried out and passed the vehicle owner is issued a smog check certificate.
If the vehicle fails the check the owner is mandated to carryout the necessary repairs. Vehicles in very bad shape are either scraped or acquired by the state.
How to Start a Smog Check Company
To start the company you need a permit to operate the business. You have too undertake training on how to perform a comprehensive smog check.
Then purchase the appropriate equipment and apply to the regulatory bodies that govern smog check and environmental issues. Finally register your business as a limited liability company.
You are required to file a personal identification and tax returns and acquire a trade license. There are strict laws guiding the enterprise so make sure you are fully compliant.
Finance the Enterprise
Smog check is possible in an established auto mechanic business. Find out the provisions in your state of residence and infrastructure needed to perform the check.
The size and scope of your enterprise dictates the amount of funds you require. You can target save, try a partnership arrangement or source startup funds from banks.
You need to present a business plan, collateral before applying for a bank loan. Before locating the enterprise carry out a feasibility study of smog check facilities in you community.
Other financial considerations are cost of equipment, manpower and location.
Build a Website
Your auto shop needs an online presence to showcase your services. Once your company is certified to carry out smog checks add this to your list of services.
Your website should target your immediate locality and customer base. Add your company in yellow pages, online classified and local newspaper publications. This will attract people looking to repair their vehicles including those interested in carry out a smog check.


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