Manual and Automatic Plastic Button Making

The type of equipment you need to start your button making business depends on the business template. The business of making buttons is done full scale or small scale.
You could invest in automated machinery or simple manual equipment. Same applies to location such as big warehouse or homestead business.
The process of making buttons is simple, straightforward and easy to learn. Buttons sold singularly are inexpensive, however collectively they provide adequate margin to make profit. 
Button makers work on commissioned purchase, branded products, wholesale and retail. Major customers for the product are fashion houses, sewing institutes, private schools and Armed Forces.
Here are a few ideas on how to start a manual or automatic button making business.
Manual and Automatic Button Making Business
Registration and Permits
Incorporate the button production business as a sole proprietorship or LLC. You are required to have a trade license and manufacturer’s license.
Apply for a sales tax certificate, select a business name and get insurance cover. Home based business owner need a personal identification tax number.
Learn the Manufacturing Process
It depends on the type of machine your purchase. Learn how to make buttons and hire an experienced machine operator.
There are many instructional materials to master the button making process. Learn from books, manuals, pdf files and video tutorials. Attend seminars or trade workshops to develop the skill.
Purchase Button Making Machinery
There are two types of machinery the manual feed machine and semi automated machine. There are a few cheap fabricated button machines and expensive branded types.  You also need a computer, design software, cutter, scissors, glue and plastic casting.
An easy interchangeable manual button badge machine should have a few features. The machine needs to have a swing type mold plate, acrylic base.
Other features include compact light weight design, including quick, easy mold exchange.
Locating the Enterprise
Button making is easily done from home or a factory environment. It all depends on the size of the business. You can lease a shop, small store of prepare a work space in the garage.
How to Make a Simple Button
The raw material you need is plastic casting and they come in various colors and sizes. If your button is going to have an image, prepare the image and insert at bottom of bowl. Then apply the full button press on the plastic to create the button.
Finance the Business
Start a small button business by saving judiciously the small funds you have. Start by purchasing a manual button machine for your business. 
To eliminate leasing or buying property, convert an area in your home into a button factory. If you need added funds borrow from friends and family.
Build a Website
You can take orders and sell your button products online. Build a website to showcase your products, prices and location.
Integrate a shopping cart to receive online payment. Use social media advertisement to drive conversion traffic to your website.
Add your website to directories and yellow pages for additional exposure. Try classified advertisement and don’t forget adverts in local news publications and magazines.
While carrying out your marketing campaign try to work with a strict budget to avoid over spending.
Market the Button Product.
Plastic button makers sell to wholesalers and retailers. They produce buttons on demand for political campaigns, schools and clubs.
Other customers are churches, organizations, local business owners and event organizers. To increase awareness of your products use traditional advertisement channels.
Print flyers, billboards, signage boards, business cards and colorful brochures. Hire commission sales representatives to find new outlets for your buttons.


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