Olive Oil Extraction: How to Start an Olive Oil Extraction Enterprise

olive fruit
Olive fruit after washing
Olive oil is produced from an extraction process on drupes. The process involves separation of oil from fruit content using either basic implements or industrial equipment.
 The process does not involve solvents or any elaborate extraction method. This is because rural dwellers employ physical manipulation and excretion to accomplish the processing.
Small business owners interested in olive oil extraction needs to understand the process. You also have to decide on type of equipment, funding and sourcing raw material.
Olive Oil Extraction
Cleaning the Olives
There are lots of undesirable contaminants that obstruct the extraction process. Washing the olives to remove dirt, leafs, debris and twigs reduces the risk of damaging the equipment.
Without proper cleaning the overall flavor and taste would be adversely affected. Another reason for washing the olives is to remove hard solids like stones and rocks.
Once all the impurities are removed the olives are processed into a paste. The olive is crushed though the application of pressure manually using millstones or milled mechanically.
To increase the purity in the paste and allow droplet accumulation you leave it for 50 minutes. Avoid adding water or heat if you want to produce high quality olive oil.
You then separate the oil from olive oil components through the process of centrifuges. The oil is separated from the wet paste and filtered.
Olive Oil Extraction Equipment
Olive oil machinery includes storage and filtration system and they come in different sizes. The machinery includes decanter, oil machinery, bladders, containers and storage tanks.
More equipment is oil processing aids, olive oil filtering units, laboratory equipment, collection and transfer equipment.
Laboratory equipment
Filtration system
Packaging equipment
Storage tanks
Oil machine
Packaging the Product
Quality olive oil needs proper package and handling. The packaging affects consumer choice including durability and shelf life of your product.
Having a high quality product placed in shabby containment would adversely affect the sales of the product. There are different types of packaging used by olive oil producers.
You have glass bottle, tin cans, plastic, coated paperboards and stainless steel containers. Your packaging should be airtight to prevent air and light penetration of the container.
The best grade containments are dark glass, coated paperboards or stainless steel containers. This encourages longer shelf life while retaining nutritional value. The prevalence of plastic and moisture are bad for your olive oil.
Uses for Olive Oil
Olive oil is used as a pre-shampoo hair treatment, lip scrub and ear wax remedy. You can find olive oil in eye makeup remover, shaving creams, shine serum and antibacterial balm. Other unusual applications are rash treatment, eczema remedy, and brush cleaner.
Registering the Olive Oil Extraction Company
Incorporate your enterprise as a limited liability company or sole proprietorship. To sell your produce you need a trade license from the local authorities.
Your product should pass a basic standardization test before introduced into the market. You might consider patenting a label name for your product.
Funding requirements are based on the quantity and type of equipment you buy. Secure funds from small commercial banks or target savings.
Borrow money from family or friends. Start the enterprise small, learn the basics and develop a customer base. You can try a partnership arrangement or get an investor.
Build a Website
You can hire a website developer to build a targeted website for your olive oil product. There are many online market places to list your products.
 Use online classified to find new customers. Place your company profile in yellow pages and use social media to push your products to your followers.
 Try only advertisement platforms such as Adwords or Facebook advertisements or groups. Make sure your website can handle online orders and payment.
You don’t need a large space to produce olive oil. The business is practicable from home or a small shop.
The size and type of equipment will determine the space you require. You can hire one or two staff or do it yourself.
Stating a Sunflower Oil Production Company


    For the production of machinery and machinery from Turkey
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    Decanter Water Control Debimeter
    Machine Construction On braked wheels
    Decanter Drum Powered By timing belt
    Decanter Feeding Helix Powered By timing belt
    Decanter Speed 3000 – 3600 rpm
    Breaking Type By blades
    Dimensions (W x L x H) 210 x 90 x 180 cm
    Bunker Capacity 40 – 60 kg
    Suggested Temperature (15 – 25 ‘C)
    Pulp pump motor 0,37 kw (with inverter)
    The agitator motor 0,75 kW
    Crusher engine 0,18 kW
    Crusher blades X210Cr12 (10 mm)
    Main engine 4 Kw,, 2900 rpm
    Pomace auger motor 0,18 kW