Opening a Franchise Trampoline Park


The Trampoline

A trampoline is an elevated canvas supported by a metal frame. It is used for aerobatic jumping and tumbling.
The device allows leaps and jumps propelled by the springs and canopy cover. Processional athletes, circus acts and stuntmen use trampoline in their performances. The frame of trampoline is usually galvanized steel while the mat is polyethylene.
The best material for trampoline mats is polypropylene. This is because the fibers are compacted, strong, durable and has a smooth surface.
Other attributes of polyethylene are ultraviolet protection, flexible, moist resistant and maintenance free. The canvas is easily replaceable and comes in different shapes and sizes.
Starting a Trampoline Park
Are you looking for a family oriented business venture then owning a trampoline park is your best bet. The business template is fun, leisure oriented and moderately challenging.
You need proper business skills and serious financing to start a trampoline center. Many new entrepreneurs prefer joining a franchise to leverage on their experience and structures.
The popularity of combined fun and fitness centers has increased dramatically over the years. Same applies to food choice, vegan meals and healthy eating.
Pay for play centers such as amusement parks and theme parks have huge earning potential. Fun activities such as bumper cars, train rides, bouncing castles and trampoline parks attract lots of revelers.
 Trampoline theme parks especially in America have increased in popularity and provide business opportunities for startup companies. To launch your startup trampoline business you need serious cash, good location and dedicated staff.
There are three ways to open a trampoline park business.  You could build the park from scratch, securing a franchise agreement or buying an established park.
Every option has its merits and demerits so plan appropriately. Let’s see how you can open a franchise trampoline park.
How to Open a Franchise Trampoline Park
Write a Trampoline Park Franchise Plan
You need a business plan to set the ball rolling. Understanding your customer base is essential to the success of the enterprise.
Who are your customer base, age, demography and interests? Other things to consider is purchasing a warehouse or leasing a huge space.
How effective are your safety protocols to prevent serious accidents and litigation. Your business plan should have a mission statement, goals and objectives.
You need to understand the countries zoning formula as it affects setting up your business.  Study the competition, business structure, location and carry out a feasibility study.
Locating the Trampoline Park
It is important to find the ideal location for your leisure park. Once you have the zoning formula and approval the size of the location is important.
On an average trampoline park has an average of 200-250 jumpers at same time. The pace should accommodate 24-foot minimum ceiling height and 34, 000 sq. ft average size.
Make sure you factor the cost per sq. feet and location of the enterprise. Position the business for profit making right from the start.
If you are leasing the property make sure you have a long lease agreement of several years. This is to prevent unscrupulous land lords arbitrarily increasing rent as your business grows.
 If you have the funds purchase the property outright.
Why Franchising
Franchise owners provide adequate support and experience for startup companies. They reduce financial risk while maximizing the facilities potential.
You can study their track record, financials, market penetration and brand. Before signing anything study their concept, park exoskeleton and features.
 The design, theme and feel of the park are important to the overall success of the enterprise. Franchise fees are high including 6% gross revenue and an annual fee.
 The amount you pay to a franchise could run into $1.5 million. This is a huge sum based on technical assistance, training, trampolines, reduced building costs and branding.
The cost of purchasing the space could gulp up another $700,000.  Franchise agreement could include about 20% upfront investment.
Make sure you engage a lawyer to study the small print before appending your signature.
The Construction
The franchise owner could recommend a builder to the franchisee. Find reputable trampoline park builders and licensed contractors.
Make sure they have knowledge of constructing such parks and good references. All considerations on property location, profitability and accessibility should be concluded before committing huge funds to constriction.
You need to secure building permit from local authority before putting up your structure.
Funding the Trampoline Park
You need at least $2 million to start a franchise trampoline park. Apply to commercial banks in your locality for loans.
They would require collateral, your business plan and proof of business knowledge. You need to have at least 30% of the startup funds and an account in the bank.
Make sure the loan agreement is long termed with a fix interest rate.
Company Registration
Incorporate the company as a limited liability entity. You need to abide by zoning formula and laws guiding the enterprise. Once you conform to the zoning secure a lease agreement including an approved plan. You need construction permits and serious safety protocols.
Running a trampoline park is fun exciting and challenging. You can earn huge income from the business venture. Due lots of due diligence before acquiring any franchise agreement.  
To increase revenue organize package deal, school activities and offer discounts. Include other added attractions including simple snacks and soft drinks.
Hire dedicated and friendly staff including security.


  1. For children, the bigger trampoline is better. Kids grow and they love to bounce with friends! To work out if your chosen size will fit, you can try laying a hosepipe in the area the trampoline will sit in.