Production of Wigs, Weaves and Hair Extensions

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Wigs, hair extensions and weaves have become part of hair wear. The products can be found on 70% of women in one form or the other.
It is an important fashion accessory that improves the beauty of the wearer. Apart from being a fashion accessory the products are worn for cosmetic purposes, prosthetic reasons and convenience.
Certain medical conditions like boldness including theatrical performances require wigs. The wigs, weaves and hair extensions are used primarily to present fullness of hair.
The hair products are either made from synthetic material or natural hair. The material used in making the hair dictates the extent of manipulation.
Natural hair products are ironed, stretched and permed. All hair products are easily dyed to any color of the wearer’s choice.
To launch a hair product business you need to decide which type of product to produce. Although there are many variations the three major types of hair products are weaves, extensions and wigs.
Another consideration is the type of fiber used in your production of the hair product. Funding is important, factory space, equipment and labor. Other things are sourcing the raw material, permits and marketing strategy.
Synthetic versus Human Hair
To manufacture hair products you need to choose between synthetic fibers or human hair. Human hair products attract premium prices in the market.
While synthetic fibers are made to resemble human hair. Both fibers are manufactured into wigs, hair extensions and weaves.
Synthetic Hair
Synthetic hairs are made from polyester, acrylic or other polyfilament fibers. The manufacturer is at liberty to use a single type of fiber or combine different fibers.
The products are usually tough, durable and heat resistant. Synthetic hair is more common to wigs and weaves and is affordable.
The producing synthetic hair differs according to the patent and methodology. The hair is made to be rugged, heat and wear resistant.
The manufacturing process is different and usually involves ultrasonic waves, precise diameter cutting, heating, welding, sewing and coating.
Artificial and Human Hair Extensions
Artificial and human hair extensions are made to look exactly like natural human hair. The hair extension is made into wigs, weaves and length extensions.
 Length extensions are popular because they have different applications. Beauty salons have developed various ways to attach extension to natural hair. The extension goes through a taping process, clip-in or on extensions.
Some extension are bonded, sealed, fused or made into micro rings. Salons have mastered the art of netting, lace fronts and tracking or hair weaving.
Wigs are generally used by older women, stage acts and as a colorful fashion accessory. Wigs do not require maintenance or styling and are readymade.
Wigs are made from either synthetic material or lower grade hair. Synthetic materials used in making wigs are polyester, nylon, acrylic, and modacrylic fibers.
Lower grade hair is wool, goats hair or horse tail. You have custom fitted wigs, human hair wigs and hand-tied wigs.
Human Hair
The human hair is the high-end natural fiber used as hair extensions. The top country for natural human hair is India.
The cuticle hair acts as a protective layer and has great durability. Natural human hair is made into high-end wigs and weaves.
The hair accounts for a billion dollar industry in several Asian countries including India. Major users of the product are African Americans, Africans and other ethic nationalities.
There are different textures of natural hair and artificial hair. From the yaki, deep wave, loose deep wave and silky straight hair.
Other types include wet-wavy, Indian wave, romance wave and Spanish wave. More variations of natural hair found in the industry are kinky curls, curly wave and coarse hair.
Industrial players regard non processed hair with zero coloring as raw hair. Common hair types in salons are virgin hair, Remy, single drawn and double drawn.
Raw Materials used in Hair Extensions
An entrepreneur needs to source the raw material to produce either synthetic hair or natural hair. Natural hair is cut from Asian women and processed.
To produce synthetic hair you need to purchase polyester, nylon, acrylic or other synthetic material. Purchase the appropriate welding, gluing and stitching equipment to carry out the production.
Locating the Enterprise
Find a suitable location with lots of factory space. Purchase stitching equipment and hire sewing staff for the production.
You can lease a factory or purchase one for your business. It is important to have utilities such as electricity, packaging and labeling equipment.
Register the Wig, Weave Business
Obtain a trade license to start production. Incorporate the business as a limited liability company.
 Put in place a good waste disposal strategy and get insurance cover. The product should undergo standardization and tax liability.
Financing the Hair Extension Business
The business is capital intensive especially the production and manufacturing sector. You need serious funding for equipment, staff wages, leaseholds and marketing.
You can source funds from commercial banks in your area or any financial institution. You need collateral and part of the startup funds to access loan facilities.
Other methods to secure funding are through a core investor or sales of startup equity. You can consider trying a partnership arrangement to secure funds.
Marketing the Weave
There is a huge market for hair products. Manufacturers sell their products in the open market, salons, wholesalers or export. Exportation is a huge revenue earner for hair extension manufacturers.
There are three ways to get into the hair extension and wig business. The first way is to purchase equipment, source raw materials and start production.
The second method is outsource the production and simply purchase the hair and send to your outsource partners. The last method is to purchase already manufacturer pieces and become a wholesaler or retailer. Hair Extension Business and Different Types of Hair Extensions


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  3. The hair products are either made from synthetic material or natural hair. The material used in making the hair dictates the extent of manipulation.

    Natural hair products are ironed, stretched and permed. All hair products are easily dyed to any color of the wearer’s choice.

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