Start your Own Printer Ink Cartridge Refilling Business


Ink cartridges are components that carry ink used in inkjet printers. The design of the inkjet printer determines the functionality of the ink cartridge.

Common inkjet prints use the thermal system or piezoelectric crystal. The inks are specially formulated for specific inkjet printers.

The common color of ink is black however there are different color variations. Although the cartridge components are built for certain units the ink within the cartridges are easily refilled.

Business centers and offices using such inkjet printers pay high sums for brand new cartridges. They prefer paying a technician a smaller amount for a refill. 

This is why Inkjet refilling has slowly become a good business venture due to the frequency of refill orders.

Reasons Why Cartridge Refill Business is Popular

The business saves the company lots of money purchasing expensive new cartridges. A new cartridge could cost between $20 to $85 depending on the manufacturers and brand.

The refilling of spent cartridges benefits the planet because of recycling. Ink is a very toxic compound on the soil and adversely affects the environment. The recycling service reduces such agents in the soil.

Funding the Refill Enterprise

The funding requirements are low for a startup company. You can start from your home by creating a workspace.

Alternatively hire a small shop in a commercial area. The funds are used to purchase bulk ink, cartridges, study aids and starter packages.

Avoid borrowing money to start a refill business rather target save in a commercial bank. If you have to borrow get the loans from small micro finance banks and cooperatives.

Operating in a Niche Sector

Cartridge refill businesses operate within a niche sector. The job description is highly specialized and service oriented.

This provides unlimited business opportunities and huge earning potential. Many offices, homes, industries, schools and government offices require the services of a refill technician.

Training Programs

Luckily there are a few companies that offer comprehensive training programs. If you posses the perquisite skill they offer professional training and certification.

Such programs offer both tutorial based teaching including video presentations and manuals. You get lots of technical support, access to supplies and equipments.

Learn How to Refill

It is important to develop your skill and knowledge. There are many trade workshops, books and online resources. Top brands also provide technical training to people willing to learn the trade.

Purchase the Right Equipment

Once you have gained valuable knowledge purchase the right equipment. Buy only the popular cartridges used by establishments in your locality.

To start an ink refill enterprise you need moderate investment. There are some companies that provide technical assistance to refill outlets by providing a comprehensive starter pack.

You will also need a starter package for toner re-manufacturing.

Supplies to Start an Inkjet Refill Business

There are some equipment’s you need to start a small enterprise. Purchase essential tools, toners, packaging and chips.

Other tools are refill ink, cartridges, toners, and hand tools. You need a small office space, computer, work desk and a dedicated telephone number.

Build a Website

You can build a local website targeted at your community. Offer your services to customers in your area including other technical support.

Increase traffic to the site through social media engagement and online advertisement. Try posting free classified advertisement on classified websites.

Approach companies and business owners and present your complementary card. Most refill jobs are carried out on the client’s premises so have a handy kit available. You might need a secretary to take calls or carry a mobile phone.

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