Starting a Recruitment Agency

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There are a few ways to start a recruitment agency. One is to partner with an existing agency or start building a clients list. You can also run an online recruitment agency.
The job of a recruitment agent is to find appropriate jobs for members. The business is lucrative however demands lots of hard work, networking and dedication.
 The secret to success is proper fee generating strategies and good business structure. The type of employment, clients and placement determines the success of the enterprise.
Engaging highly skilled, qualified people provides a good platform for success.  Job placement becomes easier and trust builds between agency and clients.
The first few months of any startup company is challenging especially starting a recruitment agency. A new company needs to work exceedingly hard to recruit qualified members and find top level clients.
The recruitment industry is worth several billion dollars servicing millions of temporary workers. They contribute a large number of permanent employees yearly offering a valuable service while making money.
Who uses Recruitment Agency
Both large, medium and small businesses use the services of such agencies. Recruitment agencies cover a wide range from temporary placement of administrative staff to full placement of mid or low level workers. The agencies primary function is to deliver qualified staff to corporations.
Type of Employees
The type of employees managed by a recruitment agency is diverse. The workers cut across a diverse range of skill and industry.
They provide placement to hospitals, schools, factories, engineers and beauty industry. The ability for such agencies to deliver qualified staff speedily is the reason they exist.
 A top agency has an extensive list of workers that cover a diverse range of jobs. To succeed you need a huge data base, solid business structure, dedicated staff and lots of networking.
Starting a Recruitment Agency
Before starting a recruitment agency you need funding. Visit your bank and meet your account officer.
You need to source fixed and working capital for your business. Analyze your overhead costs and expenses to arrive at a reasonable number.
You need to lease an office, install furniture and equipment such as computers, fax machines, modem and dedicated telephone line.
Loans are difficult to get especially for startup companies. You need proof of knowledge of the industry, qualified staff and a business plan.
Business Plan
Write a comprehensive recruitment agency business plan. Then carry out a feasibility study to locate best location to start the enterprise. The next step is to incorporate the business
Business Incorporation
Register a good business name that highlights the core service you render.  Make sure the domain name is free for purchase before incorporating the business.
Purchase the domain name for your website and online presence. Incorporate the business as a limited liability company. Get your tax identification number and add insurance cover.
Banking Account
The company needs a business account separate from your personal account. The business account is through which the company transacts business. Find a reputable bank and get started with the business account.
Locating the Business
Your business format dictates the location you need to start the enterprise. If your company is an online recruitment agency you can work from home.
If you operate both online and offline you need an office. Once you have secured an office you can build your website.
Build your Website
Hire a web developer to build a good website for your business. Make sure your website is attractive, easy to navigate and targeted.
The website should be search engine optimized and trendy. To reach both clients and candidates advertise the business.
You can use online platforms such as social media to increase awareness. Use classified websites and take out newspaper advertisement.
Build a Data Base
The bread and butter of a recruitment agency is a good data base. Build a comprehensive data base of clients and candidates.
You need to build an honest reputation and provide to notch service. It takes lots of dedication and hard-work to run a recruitment agency. Are you up to the task?


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