Clock Repair Business Idea

To start a clock repair business you need to love the vocation. Clock repairing is not for everyone because it takes lots of patience skill and precision. 
The business is moderately challenging and the remunerations small. You are likely to earn regular income but you can’t get rich as a clock repairer.
The reasons are not far fetched due to the proliferation of smart devices. You find clocks on almost everything from radios, Smartphone’s, torchlight’s and any electrical appliance possible.
The need for conventional clocks such as wall clocks and wristwatches is gradually fading. The only advantage to clock repair business is flexibility of work hours and self employment.
To launch your clock enterprise you need very little funds and loads of technical skill. Here are a few ideas on clock repair business.
Clock Repair Business Ideas
There are a few considerations before starting the business such as acquiring knowledge or choosing a niche. Other challenges are location, registration, equipment, services and pricing
Become a Clock Technician
You need formal training to develop clock repair skills. There are a few technical institutions who offer clock repair training.
You could develop your skill by becoming an apprentice and gain knowledge through practical tutelage. Other methods include reading books, e-books, attending seminars, workshops and online resources.
Learn from video tutorials, manuals and short online courses. It is essential to practice the skills extensively before opening your shop.
Choose a Niche
Although clock repair is a specialized field there are many sub sectors and niche.  You may decide to repair only wristwatches, wall clocks, table clocks or antique clocks.
Some clocks work only with mechanisms whiles others are powered by batteries. Discover your niche of interest and master the craft.
Locating the Clock Repair Shop
Clock repair business does not require large space. You are at liberty to work from a small shop or at home.
The location should be visible and easily accessible too your prospective customers. The basic requirements for a workshop are reception area, work-space and storage.
Register the Clock Repair Business
Generally clock repairers work alone and sometimes with an apprentice. The business is a one man show so register the enterprise as a sole proprietorship.
Sourcing parts to repair clocks is slightly challenging. This is because many clock manufacturers hardly provide replacement parts for their timepieces.
You might have to build up you own inventory from salvaged clocks, antique dealers and other sources.
Purchase Equipment
The equipment's needed to repair clocks are usually hand tools. They comprise screws, nuts, screwdrivers, magnifying glasses, tweezers and other basic tools.
They also use cleaning agents, lubricants and dusters. The equipment's are cheap and readily available in specialized stores.
A List of Hand Tools
Magnifying glass
Screws, nuts and bolts
Pricing your Services
Pricing your services depends on the complexity of the repair and other parameters. Find out what other clock repairers charge for their service.
Make sure your prices are reasonable and competitive. Clock repairers earn daily wages for their services however the job entails loads of patience and serious craftsmanship.
Add other Services
You will remain in penury if you depend entirely on clock repair. You can purchase old antique clocks, repair and sell at auctions.
Same applies to purchasing elegant clocks and selling to your customers. Open a training program and take on paying students.
Marketing your Services
Without a steady stream of customers you are bound to fail. Employ old tradition advertisement techniques such as flyers, billboards, posters. Place a large signage in front of your workshop. Use the internet to sell your unusual wristwatches and get new customers.


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